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30 Apr 2010
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I'm lost :( trying to buy (processor + mobo etc)
I was hoping to upgrade my dinosaur aged PC. First, I began with Graphics (got Radeon 5970). Somehow, there were hardware errors (unusual ones) so decided to go for whole system upgrade (and there in-lies the problem). The new processor, i7 980x has "TXT". Later, motherboards has HDCP, TPM etc huh.gif so got further little deeper from wikipedia huh.gif and THIS LINK is where I landed. After reading that entire article, I'm lost sad.gif I already kicked out Vista and 7 a while back because i was suspicious of that long list in "Task Manager" but now that hardwares are like Vista,.... mellow.gif I have no idea what to got for.

I'm paranoid to a point where i keep my system on RamBoots (love it when reboot kicks out dirt, thanks to karyonix, tinybit, sha0 dudes). Any comments? mellow.gif
22 Mar 2010
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[IMG_XP_Update.exe] Files from IMG does not get deleted!!
dry.gif I noticed IMG_XP_Update.exe does not delete files! For example, you uninstall something from windows (based on RamDisk and) then choose to update via IMG_XP_Update.exe, registry files will get updated all right but files removed by uninstallers (from RamDisk based Windows) will still remain in XXX.IMG file after update (why?), so files are just hogging the IMG file. I see the problem that IMG_XP_Update.exe does NOT compare DIR+file list of (C:\ -s) with (R:\ -s) and remove files.

mellow.gif Or I'm missing some options??? check box?

EDIT: Since no one replies to me these days, I'm wondering Who made this app? IMG_XP_Update.exe? I'll take that as WIMB?
24 Jan 2010
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Hi I'm....
huh.gif odd, clicking register button takes me to new post?

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25 Feb 2010 - 9:09
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