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20 Jan 2010
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VistaPE: Warnings in memtest and TestDisk

VistaPE is great tool, many thanks!!
My build with VistaPE v.12 RC1 shows 2 warnings:

1.) (TestDisk & PhotoRec 6.11) Unrecognized command:

2.) (memtest.script) Unrecognized command: [DeleteFile,%targetdir%\boot\memtest.bin]

What does this mean? Can I safely ignore this? Or what i have to do?

18 Dec 2009
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Creating a Script & Member account
Hey Guys,

Thanks for all your help so far,

So I am trying to create a script for TeamViewer 3 (quick support version), I have never made a script before so is there beginners tutorial, basically, all I want to do is create it and have in the start menu as well as a desktop shortcut so it makes it easy for my customers to run...

I also setup an account but it does not seem to be active, can an admin activate my account (kylespringer)
2 Dec 2009
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Just a thank you
I am here using a login from bugmenot, my apologies to the person whose login I have misappropriated...

Just want to say thank you to this forum.
I want to make a USB stick bootable, and after scouring the web in vain for hours, I stumbled upon this place. I am simply amazed at the knowledge and professionalism provided by people here.

THANK YOU for this fantastic place!
1 Dec 2009
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Does UNetbootin work with Win98?
I have quite old laptop Fujitsu Siemens B2130 with Win98 installed on it. It's very old OS, so I think it would be nice to install Damn Small Linux there. But it hasn't CD-ROM, USB boot install and I found UNetbootin. I was trying to run default live install of DSL, next I download a normal dsl-4.4.10.iso and install it from custom ISO.

Result was the same - unable to load DOS file. Maybe something is wrong with paths? Or UNetbootin just doesn't work with this old MS system...

Here's menu.lst:
default 0
timeout 10

title UNetbootin
find --set-root /unetbtin/ubnkern
kernel  /unetbtin/ubnkern
initrd /unetbtin/ubninit

The path is Linux-like, so does UNetbootin mount C:\ as / ? Furthermore, there is C:\unetbtin but there's no ubnkern and ubninit...

Any help will be appreciated smile.gif
28 Nov 2009
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What Theme is this?

Saw the screen shot above, where can I get that cool looking steal theme?

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