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21 Sep 2009
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BootSDI Error
any time i run my build, i receive an error when i get to my bootsdi script.

below is my attached log.
NOTE: i dont think it is a permissions thing. i tried to run this build on my regular computer, and i got this error. then i created a virtual machine with a fresh install of XP SP2, and i tried to run my build in that as well. and i got same results.
if you look at the log, near the error line- it says something about not being able to write to VMDK container....

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Attached File  log.zip ( 702.49K ) Number of downloads: 15
19 Sep 2009
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Default Livexp Download 10.43Mbs?
this is what i did step by step.

1. www.winbuilder.net and downloaded 078 SP1
2. placed winbuilder.exe into root directory folder "LiveXP"
3. executed winbuilder.exe
4. recieved a default download for livexp for 10.43 Mbs
5. hit download
6. after it downloaded, it went back to the download screen with nothing checked.

did i do something wrong? or is there something up with the WB servers?
14 Sep 2009
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Winlogin / Shell Password
i am using winlogon / shell in my build.
Basic\Shells\Explorer Tweaks\FixShellWinlogon.Script
and i have a password set using the "use XPElogon" option.
my problem is that i can successfully login on most of my test computers.
if i try to use it on my sony vaio laptop or my Acer Travlemate 4530, it will not allow me to logon.
please note that i am absolutly sure that i am using the correct password.
any body else have this problem?
(using Bootsdi and wimpack btw)
{will post log if neccessary}
10 Sep 2009
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i can not find a support thread for "Dial-A-Fix"
i have it in my bootcd, but i get two errors.
one saying it cannot find netsh.exe in X:\i386\System32\
and one thats saying it cannot find sc.exe in X:\i386\System32\
i checked and i did not find them in that directory either.
is there a simple fix for this?
can i add in a couple of lines to copy those two files over into the correct directory?
8 Sep 2009
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Looking For Script
i am looking for a script that i used about a month ago.
the main purpose of the script was to change security settings that were changed by malware/virus/adware/spyware attack.
settings such as, user account priviledges and such.
im asking this in the heat of battle. lol.
one of our clients computers had a nasty virus, i did a cleanup and removed any malware....now im stuck trying to change the desktop background back to normal....and i cant. =(

any ideas?

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