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24 Aug 2009
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[ask] usb flash disk speed
i have 2 usb flash disk, 8GB and 16GB, both ufd usb 2.0 (on product label and manufacture site)
i use my 16GbB ufd as my bootable ufd with grub4dos, some utilities and ubuntu.
i want to change my bootable ufd to 8GB ufd since it seems faster than 16GB ufd. Using benchmark in windows environment my 8GB ufd avrg 32MB/s read 12MB/s write, and 16GB ufd avrg only 18MB/s read 8MB/s write .
but in bios menu my 8GB shows as usb 1.1 , also very slow to load every utilities in ufd (also took 3 hours to install ubuntu, while my 16GB ufd only need 30 mnts)

my question:
1. is it possible ufd usb 2.0 seen as usb 1.1 by bios?
2. it it possible to force bios to use it as usb 2.0? (no setting in bios, also tried plop but no difference)
3. how to choose ufd that will seen as usb 2.0 by bios, since in produst label says usb 2.0?
9 Apr 2009
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(ask) cdrom on asus p5q
i have 2 cdrom on my pc (asus p5q mobo), 1 IDE connected to marvell 88se6121 chip, the other 1 sata cdrom connected to ich10r chip.
use find command none of cdroms detected by grub4dos.
use cdrom --init , "no cd-roms found".

and i found this post
QUOTE (tinybit @ Mar 28 2009, 05:16 AM) *
cdrom --init

this is not widely supported by MOBOs. More and more MOBOs do not support ATAPI. Sadly.

1. is that confirm my mobo not supported?
2. is there any "trick" to boot cdroms from grub4dos for this mobo?

another question that out of topic.
3. using find command, i found fd0, hd0 and "rd", what is rd means?
1 Apr 2009
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help, partition error when using grub4dos
hello all, i am newbie here.
first of all i want to thank to diddy for his great tutorial and jaclaz (everytime i have problem and search from google i found jaclaz post solve my problem).
but now i have problem that i can not find the solution yet (or may be i missed it).

here is my problem.
i have my pc mutiboot with acronis os selector (2 vista 2xp and one linux in one HDD), and running without any problem. then i want to add grub4dos to manage some iso file.
i made logical partition for grub4dos and iso files, and add an entry to acronis oss. this set up running fine, i can load grub4dos from acronis oss and the chainload to iso file.

but the problem arise only when i chainload grub4dos to primary partition boot sector. if there is unallocated space between the primary partition and the logical partition (where i put grub4dos and iso files), the os boot normal but after restart all partition starting from grub4dos partition will be error (unknown partition). so far i tried 3 different methode to chainload grub4dos from acronis
1. install grub4dos partition boot sector using grubwin
2. using win xp boot sector then rename grldr to ntldr
3. using win xp boot sector load ntldr then grldr
all methode result the same.

any advice?
thanks in advance and sorry for my poor english

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