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1 Feb 2009
I'm new to WinBuilder- I've been using XPE for a few years, it always works for me but it's incredibly slow booting (15Min!). After many attempts I'm finally getting very close to what I need in a LiveXP-BootSDI disk but I still have several questions.

First is about video drivers. Unlike XPE, LiveXP-BootSDI seems to always come up running (and in 2 min or less- YAY!) but on at least two machines with 24" monitors I'd like to get above 800x600 resolution. Both machines have nVidea 8500/8600 display adapters, All other machines with same adapters will go at least 1280x1024, and for some reason it seems to be related to monitor size. I've tried including video drivers using PeNetwork's 'Include drivers from this folder' option. It works great for NIC drivers, but for me it doesn't work for video. I added the script for 'Universal Video Driver', but that makes no difference either. I'm not sure what to try next.

Second, I have an app I consider essential. It's xplorer2- similar to Q-Dir but with the fastest file search I've seen for an un-indexed system. I've purchased both the full desktop version and the portable version, and there is a freeware 'lite' version (without the search function!). For some reason, the portable version won't run from from the ram disk. If I stick in a flash drive and run it from there it's fine. I know that without seeing the app it's probably impossible to say what the problem is, but maybe someone has seen a similar problem and can give me a possible reason or fix. I created a script for this app, and all the files are there in the ramdisk. And if I copy all the files from the working version on a USB drive to the ram disk folder while booted up on LiveXP it still won't run. It gives no error messages- just does nothing, and there is nothing related to this app showing in task manager under either Applications or Processes.

On a related issue, I added the xplorer2 app folder to the ISO using the option in the BootSDI.script and it runs OK from the CD, but there seems to be no way in BootDSI to rename the desktop shortcut to anything other than 'Open include Folder'. Is it possible to add a desktop and/or quicklaunch shortcut that points directly to the app's executable?

Sorry this is so long- trying to provide as much info as possible.
Thanks for any pointers and for all the time and effort everyone has put into creating and supporting WinBuilder.
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