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20 Feb 2009
Hallo Bootland

I want to start BCDW by GRUB4DOS or/and vice versa.
Several posts mention some interrelation between the
two loaders, but no explicit code, how to load one from the other, is found.

If I follow this tutorial,
Load GRUB for DOS from BCDW
To load GRUB for DOS from BCDW, first copy grldr and menu.lst to the root directory of CDROM image, then add a new line to the [MenuItems] section of BCDW configuration file bcdw.ini:
\grldr ; Grub4Dos

it ends up in prompting "grub>", without loading the menu.lst.

Now, I found this post, but no explanation "howto".
In a nutshell, it is advanced GRUB that
. . .
- can chainload Isolinux (when used as bootable cd-loader), Syslinux, BCDW, EZBOOT (EasyBoot), etc.

I tried to chainload bcdw.bin and (BCDW)loader.bin, no success.

[X] - YES, I googled for hours

[X] - YES, I searched in Bootland, CD-Forun, MSFN and elsewhere.

Would you be so kind and give me a little hint about successful attempts to start one loader by the other.

Holding you in high regard T.
5 Feb 2009
Hello Bootland . . .

Booting a BootSDI-CD led me to the question how to install this system to Harddisk.
First I was using BartPE-Installer: creating Minint-Directory and Programs/Programme.
But this method doesnīt take advantage of the PE-2-RAM-loading of BootSDI.
To change this I moved the original BootSDI.iso from Winbuilderīs OutputFolder to C:\ and made an entry in boot.ini for grldr,
and one entry in menu.lst for BootSDI.iso.
When booting the Harddisk you can call Grub4Dos from boot.ini, and Grub4Dos can call BootSDI.iso to load.
You need 3 files: BootSDI.iso, grldr and ntldr(might be on C:\).
You have to modify 2 other files: boot.ini and menu.lst.
And thatīs it !
But normally the BootSDI.iso isnīt on the BootSDI-CD so you canīt install to HDD.

Now my idea is to rebuild the BootSDI.iso from the BootSDI-CD:
-boot the BootSDI-CD.
-copy all files from BootSDI-CD(source) to TEMP-folder.
-add bootsect.bin that might be hidden.
-compile the ISO by mkisofs.exe.
-copy grldr and ntldr to C:\
-make entries in boot.ini and menu.lst.

This could be done by a simple batchfile, if there was not one tricky part:
mkisofs doesnīt behave like in real-XP.
Though the cloned ISO can boot any PC (burned on Disk), it will not be accepted by Grub4Dos.
grldr says: "Error 60: File for drive emulation must be in one contiguous disk area",
although the ISO is placed in C:\, according to menu.lst.

Why does mkisofs act so strange ?
How could one come around this issue ?

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