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11 Jan 2009
Motivated by the discussion around legal issues with attached application files discussion, I played a little with some application script template which would:
  • give the application author due credit and promote her/his application by providing a home page link
  • have low maintenance cost (in the sense that application scripts can be can be updated easily with new app versions)
  • are reasonably easy to develop with
  • allow sharing of application scripts with minimum legal issues

So far I have come up with these scenarios:
  1. Application needs an end user license agreement accepted (EULA) - see Attached File  EULA_Template.zip ( 2.72K ) Number of downloads: 28

    The license agreement has to be attached to the script and can be viewed by clicking the "Read License Agreement" button. Of
    course the the license agreement needs to be accepted before the application can be used
    Attached Image
  2. Application package can be downloaded/updated from the Web - see Attached File  DownloadTemplate.zip ( 1.95K ) Number of downloads: 29

    If a new version of the application is released it can be updated by clicking the "Download now" button

    Attached Image
  3. Application is installed and configured on a local computer (the VistaPE build computer) and is copied into the VistaPE target folder - see Attached File  Installed_App_Template.zip ( 743bytes ) Number of downloads: 33

    Attached Image

All templates can be customized by filling in the appropriate information in the Main, Variables, and Interface script sections.
To demonstrate how this looks in real life, I've attached 3 samples:
  1. Using both the EULA and the Download template: Attached File  BGInfo.zip ( 6.89K ) Number of downloads: 22

    Attached Image
  2. Using just the Download template: Attached File  RegistryLoaderPE.zip ( 4.6K ) Number of downloads: 21

    Attached Image
  3. and finally putting a copy of a locally installed Java Runtime 1.6.x onto your VistaPE build. Uses the Local App template: Attached File  Java16.zip ( 12.61K ) Number of downloads: 36

    Attached Image

What do you think, folks?

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