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21 Jun 2010
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Change WinPE User?
Is there a way to change the default user in WinPE? Or to create a custom user?
2 Jun 2010
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ScriptBuilder w/ UI Selector
ScriptBuilder is a small project which allows developers to auto generate scripts and select a UI template which they can customize. This gives them a clean UI for their scripts and helps to standerdize script UI's.

ScriptBuilder v3.2
Fix Corrected writing to CustomScript file where sections 4 and 5 were not being generated.
ScriptBuilder v3.1
Minor update to Script file.
ScriptBuilder v3
Major updates, Bug fixes, etc.
NOTE: To Write UI to Script, you MUST be on UI selection not demo, within UI Selector Script.
So here it is...
ScriptBuilder w/ UI Selector v3.2
27 Apr 2010
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Rogue - NEW WinPE Shell
Hello All,

WOW it's been a long time since I have posted here (boot-land). Sorry to anyone who thought ShadowPE DIED...... it didn't the site is no longer up but im still alive and it is still being actively developed.

Now less of that.....

ROGUE - WinPE Shell
(The project that I left boot-land for sad.gif... )
Is being rebuild from the ground up. ( The old version was a dead end code wise)

I am looking for ideas for the shell, what features do you want to see in it?

Current Features:
-Temp File Cleaner (under Dev)
-Startup Manager (under Dev)
-File Manager (under Dev)
-Batch Scripts (under Dev)
-Event Log Reader (under Dev)
-Notes (under Dev)
-Taskbar (Possible Partnership with ObjectDock)
18 Oct 2009
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Weblink Error
Hey, i think this is a bug so i figured id post here tongue.gif

weblink will always be under any and all other interface objects.

so if I put it next to a option in a radio group i cannot click it.
5 Sep 2009
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System,RefreshInterface Question w/ Show/Hide?
Is there a way that i could Show/Hide a section of the interface using the System,RefreshInterface Command?

So that when A user clicks a check box some more options will be shown?

Common API seems to get the interface to change as it has 3 different interfaces but i cant figure out how!

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