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25 Aug 2009
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RAID disks and few problems...
Hello all!

My first VistaPE after few unsuccesfull building run quite Ok. I installed KAV 2009, MagicDisk, Total Commander RC1, R-studio, and every one of them working Ok. KAV dosnt need key because You can activate trial on the internet.

I wanted to install AVG free but there is some problem with Visual C++ and I cant found script from Max.
I want to install R-Image and that is my next step.
Easy Recovery dosnt work with my VistaPE.
AntiSpyware is next step to install.

I have a problem with RAID disk. In my comp I dont have support for SATA disks and I both a RAID SATA controller. In real Windows, SATA disk is visible only as RAID SATA disk , but not as WD.

After building VistaPE and booting my comp with burned CD, WD isnt visible in Explorer or Total Commander, but can see it with R-Studio.

And how to speedup the start menu?
How to exclude the Control Panel Menu, Startup?

In Network Connection there isnt my LAN card, even if Internet is working and LAN card is installed.
How to enable LAN card to be viewed in Task Bar near Clock?

Is there some script for Google Chrome which is more faster than IE?

30 Jul 2009
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Minnor error in VistaPE...
Hello all, especially Nino!

This is my second time building VistaPE and after reading forum I discovered where I doing wrong with building. Thanx all!

There is minnor error on some script.
When VistaPE boots from disk, after that greanly desktop with VistaPE sign, in top of the desktop apper first small window. It says in what status is booted VistaPE.

In some part it says "sortcut" but it need to be "shortcut" with H!

Best regards,
11 Dec 2008
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Failed to add line to file problem...
Hello all!

I am building a VistaPE disk with Kapsersky Plugin. But when tryed to build, allways got this error message.

TxtAddLine - Failed to add line to file: [%ES%] line: [X:\Program Files\Kaspersky\avp.exe,Antivirus\KasperSky Antivirus.lnk,X:\Program Files\Kaspersky]

How can fix that error?

Is there anywhere some help tutorial or file for winbuilder script files and command in it?

Thanx in advice.
8 Dec 2008
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WinBuilder problem...
Hi all.

I am littlebit confused with VistaPE. I was building before some time BartPE for my personal use, but I just stuck in somewhere with this VistaPE project.
1. Can I build it on Windows XP + SP2 machine?
2. Why it is going to BSOD with error 0x00000024 on ntfs.sys when WinBuilder start to mount an wim image (previosly copied all files and folders from Vista DVD to for example C:\vista-setup)?

I searched this forum, but there isnt regular answering.

Thanx in advice.

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