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26 Feb 2009
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[Drivers Script] Intel Chipset SATA drivers for LiveXP
Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver v8.7.0.1007

This script will add Intel chipset SATA HDD support to your build. It does not support older Intel chipsets. You can also use this script as example, to create your own.

NOTE: DPs-Build_MassStorageDrivers.script supports most of SATA controllers, including Intel chipsets.

Place this script to: Projects\LiveXP\Drivers\4 Storage

I used Sony VGN-Z570N/B laptop with Intel GM45 chipset for the test. LiveXP detects SATA HDD fine.

Download link: IntelSATA.script

26 Feb 2009
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SATA Drivers script doesn't work
This script needs to be fixed. Now, it does not work at all. I tried to make a BootCD using this script, for my laptop with Intel GM45 chipset and SATA HDD, and my build failed. When I looked inside the script I discovered many bugs. Example:
Echo,"Adding drivers for: AMCC 3ware (9500S,9550SX)"
IniWriteTextLine,"%TargetDir%\I386\TXTSETUP.SIF","SCSI","3wareDr2=#$qAMCC 3ware (9500S,9550SX)#$q"

1. 3wareDr2.sy_ should be 3wareDr2.sys or use "Expand" command

2. "3wareDr2=3wareDr2.sys,4" should be "3wareDr2”,”3wareDr2.sys,4"

3. "3wareDr2=#$qAMCC 3ware (9500S,9550SX)#$q" should be "3wareDr2”,”#$qAMCC 3ware (9500S,9550SX)#$q"

4. "PCI\VEN_13C1&DEV_1002&SUBSYS_100213C1=#$q3wareDr2#$q" should be "PCI\VEN_13C1&DEV_1002&SUBSYS_100213C1”,”#$q3wareDr2#$q"

and so on ...

17 Feb 2009
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[PortableApps] [App Script] How to Add Portable Apps to the build
Hi there,

I just noted there is a section for portable apps. I wrote a script for adding portable apps to the build. The script has options to add shortcuts, associate file types with your application. You are welcomed to use it.

Link to the topic:
10 Feb 2009
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[App Script] Portable Applications Handler
This script allows to add Portable Applications created by VMware ThinApp to the build. It should work fine with Portable Applications created by other programs too. It has options to add shortcuts to Desktop, Quick launch and Start menu. You can even associate file types with your Portable Application (be careful with that).

Tested with WinBuilder076 under LiveXP minimum configuration with all default settings.
Download link: PortableApps.script
ver.3 Updated 22-APR-2009

If you want to include more than one Portable Application to your build, simply duplicate this script and:
1. Rename it (EXAMPLE: PortableApps2.script, PortableApps3.script and so on);
2. Rename the Title inside the script (EXAMPLE: Title=Portable Applications Handler 2, Title=Portable Applications Handler 3 and so on), make sure you do this step.
You can include as many portable applications as you want.

There are no limitations in using this script with Portable Applications created using “User’s profile (%AppData%\Thinstall)” option. See picture below:

If “USB flash / portable media …” option was used, you have to make your build running from RAM (use BootSDI.script).

If you‘ve got your Portable Application somewhere over the internet and you do not know what option was used, just run it and see if it creates a folder in the same directory. If it creates a folder, than “USB flash / portable media …” option was used, if it does not create a folder, the “User’s profile (%AppData%\Thinstall)” option was used.

You might be interested to read these:

Below, there are some portable applications you can play with:
Ultra ISO v9.3.3.2685
WinRAR v3.80
Atlantis Word Processor v1.6.2.0

Edit Lancelot:
A cripled version of this script with name LODR-Thinstall_Support.script exists on LiveXP server to support thinstalled applications.

Keep in mind that script location & name on LiveXP server can change in time.
Latest grand update annouced here for that reason.
Also one can check livexp server page or follow infos at changelog if available .

Thinstalled applications consists of 2 parts
"Core application + Thinstall"

This script only supports Thinstall requirements to work properly,
This script DO NOT support Core application requirements which naturally varies from application to application.
26 Jan 2009
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[App Script] Atlantis Word Processor
Atlantis Word Processor is a lightweight application allowing you to view, create and edit MS Word 6.0/95, 97-2003 documents. It is compact (1MB), fast-loading and powerful application. I hope you like it.

Updated 09-FEB-2009
Tested with WinBuilder076 under minimum configuration with all default settings.

Download link: AtlantisWord.script

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