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19 May 2010
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speed up rebuilds?
Sorry probably a noob question.

If I just want to change a setting or something, say like rerun the script for driverpacks mass storage..

Is there a way to rebuild just the changes without having to rebuild the whole thing? I have 70 scripts running and it take quite a while...

17 May 2010
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Stack is empty: End in LiveXP (explorer.script)
I am receiving the error "Stack is empty: End" error when building the "Explorer" script under shells.

Odd thing is this just started to happen with version 080 (I had been able to build a few test versions ok).

Nothing really special in the log just the above error then halt...

I thought it was a PC issue so I reimaged my machine. Tried to use both XPp2 and sp3 files with same error.

Tried to delete all directories and redownload the recommended and just ran to see if it would at least complete a build but no go.

Any thoughts?
10 May 2010
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winbuilder.net down?
Having trouble accessing winbuilder.net, can't ping ip of either.

Has the site moved, my ISP messed or is it just temprorarily down?

22 Jul 2008
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More info on standard downloadable scripts
I have just started to use winbuilder, great app!!! So for it has been the only way for me to run Ghost completely off a USB drive with decent speeds...

My only suggestion so far would be to include more information on scripts in the winbuilder downloader. I love the fact there are tons of scripts available to download right through the app but things get a bit difficult when tracking down information on a particular script.

A great addition would be information on each script, like the description but more info. Some of it is there I know but hard to find (shows only when installing scripts, like author).

The following information would be VERY helpful:

Install size of script
Date of last build
Script version
Link to support/info/help Forum thread (I have noticed many script authors start a thread for their scripts)
Link to Tutorial thread (if there is one)

Case in point... I was trying to find info on the spybot search and destroy script. Through forum searches I think I found a couple of different versions of a script and was unable to figure out which one was the one included with winbuilder...

Oh I was just able to find more information... Though I had to open up the script to edit... would be nice if info was right there in the description area when you highlight the script...

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