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22 Jan 2009
I noticed a bug when using the geometry command on harddisks with an encrypted (by TrueCrypt 6.1a) partition. It just hangs.

Please fix it (simple unknown instant of hang), from the bugfix other projects could profit. http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?...ost&p=56132
9 Jan 2009
original thread

QUOTE (jaclaz @ Dec 25 2008, 09:26 AM) *
Here you can find a possible explanation of why the HP USB formatting utility may have an advantage over a "standard" MBR:

QUOTE (jaclaz @ Dec 25 2008, 09:26 AM) *
The most "compatible" thing from summing the various experiences and reports appears to be:
  • having a FAT16 partition, CHS mapped (06) but with "balanced" data in the LBA part
  • partition being <504/528 Mb as to fall within the first CHS limit:
  • having a MBR CODE with int13h disabled
  • having the possibility to change the partition type from 06 to 0E and viceversa

This informations sound wise but to implement this itself is VERY complicated and error prone.

I suggest an application like HP Drive Key, but for USB-HDD (not USB-pendrive) putting all those 'features' jaclaz mentioned together.

Additionally a pretest could be added, with grub4dos, boot FreeDOS or memtest (because small, free and good for debugging). A so formatted USB-HDD could be the base for other USB booting related projects.
7 Jan 2009
I have Windows XP on USB HDD (Full XP, using USBoot) and it works great even the BIOS has a functional USB boot support. This is not always the case, one nice workarround is PLoP Bootmanager, but it's also not compatible anywhere.

Another nice method is the so called 'Fake Signature Method'. It is similar to - Linux "distro" specific kicker disc: the computer will boot from some supported medium (such as floppy, internal harddisk, CD or DVD) but the operating system start phase will be hand over to the USB device. Unlike the "BIOS extender like method" (PLoP Bootmanager) this should work in any case on any hardware.

The original thread is here http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?showtopic=21242

The creation of such a kicker disc is very voluminous and therefore error prone. If you end up with an error while trying the modified setup CD you have basically no clue if you followed the guide correctly or not or if it's a "real" error. It's always bad to bother people in forum if you just done something wrong while creating the modified CD.
3 Jan 2009
Ultimate Boot CD is using isolinux for their menu. isolinux seams to have a nice optical feature, depending on what you choose you can show a small description of the menu entry.

see screenshot here
(the message at the bottom will change depending on which menu entry).
I think if UBCD will switch from isolinux to grub4dos them will need this handy feature?

Also nice looking is the multi level menu, example at http://linux.softpedia.com/screenshots/Syslinux_3.jpg
2 Jan 2009
The purpose of these tool is to enhance the original features in the normal built in copier and replacement commands on XP.
- copying in background, questions needing answer of user (overwrite, skip or whatever) will be asked but still copying in background
- one defect or in-use file will not break the whole process, it will be reported and asked to retry, further copying in background
- not asking stuff like "do you want to copy/move the system/hidden/whatever file also?"
- perhaps answering possible questions before
- pause and resume function
- priority value

TotalCopy: bugs (crashes with cryptic error message while copying) on XP, abandoned, no exchange of replacement command

SuperCopier - abandoned (last beta very old, never final), stops to copy if their is something which needs user input, no exchange of replacement command

Do you know any better replacement for these commands?
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