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31 Jan 2009

Update 18.02.09:
NEW version ws651_LODR_v10011.rar
NEW vc patcher vc_patcher.rar

For those that haven't followed the discussion around Load On Demand Ready Packages, take a look at this thread filed under Development: http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=6621 It is about how to seperate your bootable system into the core system and applications strictly not needed by the core system.

My "LODR Package" for VMware Workstation 6.5.1 will let you hotplug an external stick/disk with the files on, and with the loader, install the necessary drivers and services as well as the correct dll's and registry entries. Best of all, it supports xp/2k3/vista. This should be thought of as a portable app for PE/livecd's.

Do never run this under a real running windows. In fact there is a check to prevent it from accidentaly being executed in the wrong environment.

You will need to have a serial to run workstation, but the player is free. Serial is NOT included.

What's the benefit?

- No need to rebuild your favourite livecd
- Can keep your bootable cd small
- Faster bootup
- Very flexible as the LODR Package can reside on any available drive. You just type the drive letter when loading it.
- Supports xp/2k3/vista and is project independant. That means regardless if your bootable cd was buildt with pebuilder, moa or any winbuilder. This is autodetected.
- No need for writeable systemdrive, nor any large ramdisk
- May also be packed into a wim image to save a lot of space.
- Ridiculously easy to use
- Running apps not supported in Preinstallation Environments

- Writeable %temp% and %USERPROFILE% (this requirement will be relaxed in later release)
- Keep the files in this directory structure counting from toplevel; LODR\ws651 (ie, k:\LODR\ws651\vmware.exe, this requirement will also be relaxed in later release)
- You will need somewhat more ram to run vm's
- Collect the files with supplied script. This will be a ripped and compact package containing just what you need.
- MS Visual C Runtimes v.8.0. If you don't have the uploaded wim image, then you will need to have/put the latest Microsoft C Runtimes v.8.0 present in either systemroot or directory ws651, or just path in general (enough to have the binary present, no need for registry mod).

- Type only 1 letter in the inputbox, then press Ok.
- Keep correct directory structure
- Forget about this at buildtime, it is meant as hotpluggable portable solution for an advanced app to run in PE only. It has nothing to do with the buildprocess of your iso.

Tested OS/Architectures:
- Pebuilder and different builds with xpsp2 source
- MOA and different builds with 2k3r2 source
- 1 VistaPE build I made a year ago.

- Networking support in workstation (vmnet1 & vmnet8) is not easily hotplugged after networking is set up. A workaround is not yet found. Networking is still possible, just not the virtual communication.
- If it gets screewed up, then close the process and try again.

Please report any issues you experience with this.

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