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9 Dec 2009
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Microwave with Youtube =?
What are you think the answer of this question be?
Microwave (home) + Youtube =Castoven microwave

watch out

22 Sep 2008
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[?] boot OS in the 2nd partition while the boot loader in the 1st one?
This topic is an open discussion to find a way to boot OS in the 2nd partition (extended one) but its boot loader in the 1st partition (primary).

let me explain more with an example:
You have ONLY one Hard disk and this hd contains 4 partitions

Hard Disk
   |_____ 4 Partitions ______ 1 Primary [C:\]   ---► Windows 98 SE
                |____________ 3 Extended [D:\ , E:\ , F:\ ]
                                           |       |____|
                                           |          |
                                           |          |_____ ► Data Partitions
                                           |________________ ► Windows XP

so now 1st partition [ C:\ ] contains both io.sys ( Windows 98 SE boot loader) and ntldr (Windows XP/NT boot loader)

Now if we use this boot SDI script
title find and load NTLDR of Windows NT/2K/XP
root (hd0,0)/ntldr
chainloader (hd0,0)/ntldr

title find and load IO.SYS of Windows 9x/Me
find --set-root /io.sys
chainloader /io.sys

► This will boot Windows 9x/Me but not NT/2K/XP

Also I change (hd0,0) <--> (hd0,1) in the above code and copy Windows XP boot files [ ntldr - boot.ini - ntdetect.com - AUTOEXEC.BAT ] to [ D:\ ] but I get an error: can't mount partition mad.gif

So HOW we can boot XP?!

21 Sep 2008
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Grub4dos and VistaPE.iso
Tested with VistaPE using grub4dos-0.4.3-2008

BootSDI Script
title Boot from VistaPE.iso ( CD Image)
map (hd0,0)/VistaPE0.iso (0xFF)
map --hook
root (0xFF)
chainloader (0xFF)

also with (hd32) instead of (0xFF)
and both

Result:Failure. I don't try with memory mapping.

I test this ISO with isoemu v1.09 and it work OK
17 Nov 2007
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Where PE going in the coming years!!
Hi All,

Sometimes we seat and thinking where our life going? where our work going? shall it be better or not.
Yesterday i keep thinking about where the PE world going! Are we will lock ourself in just making a plugins for programs! or more lucky make the new OS portable! i dunno!

I think by that we will lock our self in developing/convert what other plan for the future. The researchers of companies develop and donate a new way (set the way) of developing our life for being more better. They develop the new ideas and we just convert them or sometime reverse them back.

Give a look on ourself. How many we are?approximate 20 000 in the world and HOW many developers working? in most good case it may be that half of them also How many person in the world know about BartPE or WinPE?! Take a llok on Mark (Facebook owner) he build a website from a new creative idea and it is now the biggest website. its value is 15 million US dollar all of that in 3 years only!!.

I think we desired a better life and that will be by doing a better job which will come from giving our job the spirit of creation and manipulate a completely new idea that what i think. but i dunno HOW to do that? Shall we all contribute and make a plugin of the year or even a month or what?

If you have a new vision or a road map that you van see for the future of PE world Plz let me know.
Thanks for you opinion. thumbsup.gif

7 Oct 2007
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[HELP] CMD code
Hi all,
wanna to know how i check if a certain folder had been copied or not so that the .cmd can take a certain action i try
IF "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="1" (GOTO :error2)else goto :done
but it work only with files

Any idea !! yammer.gif

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