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Shirin Zaban

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29 Jan 2009
Unattended and Customized Windows XPCD (Part_02)


In part_01 (Link below)we have learned to customize "setup.exe".


know we are going to make more
customization in XPCD files,but befor going through this part of tutor,make a directory
by the name of "XPCD" some where for example in c: (C:\XPCD),and copy all contents of
your XP_sp2 setup CD on it.Then after making changes on any file as i describe in tutors,
replace them by the ones in this directory.So until now you can replace your made
"setup.exe" in part_01 by C:\XPCD\setup.exe in my example.

Step_(3) Modifying and compressing Edited Files

This step is very important in Making Customized XPCD.Note that "setup process" of XP checks
all the files of XP setup CD during setup,and if it find a file that is not origional,the
setup gives error.and the setup process will not copy changed file,and even will not continu
the setup.

So what we should do?

Overcoming this problem is very easy.In lines below i describe what to do for an example file
and you should do the same process for all other files that you have changed them.

Note that from now on i will just describe how to edit a file and i will not reapet the process
of modifying and compressing them.

For example we have edited "shell32.dll" and we have placed it in C:\xxx\ directory we do as below:

1_Download "ModifyPE.exe" from Needs.zip in attachment and copy that to your ...\windows\system32\

2_Open a command prompt ,go to c:\xxx\ directory, and execute the following command:

modifyPE.exe shell32.dll -c

by this command the edited file will be as origional.

3.Now we should compress this file so we execute the following command:

makecab shell32.dll

Thats all,you will have "shell32.dl_" at C:\xxx\ directory and you can replace this file with
origional file from XPCD.

Step_(4) Changing some images inside I386 directory

When we install windows XP,we encounter by several images on it,that normally we do not
like these ugly images and we would like to have our favorite pictures.for example Bliss,bmp
(the wall paper that we see after installing windows XP as desktop wallpaper).

Now we are going to change this pictures in our XPCD,just note that i will explain changing
one picture,and you can replace all others as i do by this one.

JPG images that we can change are:


BMP images that we can change are:

airplane.BMP astronaut.BMP ball.BMP beach.BMP blulac16.BMP bubbles.BMP
butterfly.BMP car.BMP cat.BMP chess.BMP coffeebn.BMP dirtbike.BMP
dog.BMP drip.bmp duck.BMP feather.BMP fish.BMP frog.BMP
gonefish.BMP grnstone.BMP horses.BMP kick.BMP lift-off.BMP
palmtree.BMP pinkflower.BMP redflower.BMP rhody.BMP rvrsumid.BMP santafe.BMP
setup_w.bmp skater.BMP snowflake.BMP win32pro.bmp zapotec.BMP


1.May be i have forgotten some other images.

2.All these images are placed in C:\XPCD\I386\ directory

3.All these images are in Microsoft compressed format in XPCD,for example ,"BLISS.JPG" is as
"BLISS.JP_" and "horses.BMP" is in "horses.BM_" format.if you want to see and edit them you
can open and see them by winrar.

For replacing pictures above (if you changed them) ,with our favorite ones we should compress
them in microsoft compression format.For this purpose we use "makecab" command as i descibed
in step_03 .Then ypu should replace all of them with ones in C:\XPCD\I386\ directory.

Because we have alot of images here, It is better to Do cab process by a bath file,for example
i placed all JPG images in C:\ then i run Make.cmd (get from attachment) from desktop.After a
while all of them get CABED and were in my desktop.

Step_(5) Customing Boot screen,shutdown logo and welcome screen

Read my tutor about these topics at links below.

for Boot Screen:


for shutdown logo :


for changing welcome screen:


Step_(6) Injecting XPCD serial number

we can use winnt.sif to make setup to not ask serial number,but in this methode ,it will be
automated when you setup by booting by XPCD,and if you want to setup from inside windows
it will ask for serial.
I have talked about a little hard way to overcom this problem.,in link below:



Untill another part

have nice times

shirin zaban

Attached File(s)
Attached File  Needs.zip ( 4.23K ) Number of downloads: 2
25 Jan 2009
Making Unattended and Customized Windows XP CD (Part_01)

hi Dear friends

This is a long time that i want to write a tutorial about Making Unattended and Customized
Windows XP CD ,but there was some problems:

__This tutor is not an small tutor and will have a lot of pages,so it will take a long time
to make it ready.

__My english is not so good to say every thing as i realy mean.i have forgotten many words of
english language ,so some times when i want to say some topics,i do not know the real word,
and i try to explain that by using basic words that i know.

Any way i desided to write this tutor,but the tutor will be as below:

1.The tutor will have several parts,because i will explain every parts at the times that i can
get free of job.

2_I will try to divide sections so that Each Part will be enough for one or more purposes.and
user will not need to read all the parts to do his need.

3_If the tutors had enough readers,after last part i will make all the parts in one PDF formt
and will upload to great BootLand site.

4_I would like to tell the ways to do yourself.but ofcourse i will talk about softwares that
you can use to make your works easyly.

5_Hope you nice friends will help and will say your exprementes in each parts to complate the
topic and to have full description of unattended and Customized XPCD at the end.

I think that i talked a lot,for this part i am going to say :

Step_(1) How to Customize Windows XP "Setup.exe" Images

Setup.exe Can be customized any way you like,you can change picture,text items,icones color,and....
for example see My_setup.png from attachment.

1_Download freeware software "Resource Hacker" from link below:


2_Run "Res hack" and open xp "Setup.exe" by it,then click on "Action" button on menubar and
select "Save all resources..." and save them in some place.(See Picture_01 from atachment)
Now you will have all images,icons,and cursors used in making setup.exe.

You can change all of those images and icones and cursors by your favorite ones.Just remember
that you have to use the same sizes and formats.for example if you want to replace "Bitmap_21.bmp"
you should make your favorite image "397x180x24b , and BMP format".

So in first step begin to make your favorite images,icons and cursor,then go to step 3

3_Here i will show replacing one of the images and replacing others are the same.
Open "Setup.exe" by "Res hack" , extand Bitmap section by clicking on "+" sign near Bitmap
folder,Then again extand "112" section and click on "1033" under that.
Now you will see an image in right panel of resource hacker.(see pic_02a)

4_Here i suppose that you have made your favorite image befor by the name of xx.bmp and you have
placed it (for example in C:\xx.bmp).
Now Right click on number "1033" and select "Replace resource...".in coming window click on
"Open file with new bitmap.." button (see pic_03) and give address of "C:\XX>BMP" ,then as
pic_04 click on "Replace" button.

5_Now if you go to file menue and select "save",the resource hacker will place your image in setup
exe.By this way you can change all of the images inside setup.exe.

Step_(2) How to Customize Windows XP "Setup.exe" Icon and TEXTS

1_ Open "Setup.exe" by "Res hack" ,extand that as pic_05 you will see all the texts in right panel
write your favorite words in that places,then click on " Compile Script" as pic_06 then save it.

Now the text is replaced in your project.

2_ For changing setup.exe icon ,you need to prepare your favorite icon.and replace that as you did in
steps above.just remember that setup.exe uses an iconpack inside itself,so you should make ready
your favorite iconpack if you want to change all icons.
Because the setup.exe uses an icon for exe file,an icon for showing when exe runs and ... so if you
change just one icon, only that special one will be changed.


I am waiting for your questions and giving more options in this topic.Because there is more things hear
to say.but i will if you liked.

have fun

shirin zaban
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Attached Image
16 Jan 2009
How to change Start Menu Text In Windows XP


Today i am going to talk about changing text of start menu.This work is very easy and i will
tell some of the ways to do that.

Do not forget that we have two kinds of start menu in windows XP :

1.XP Style (When we use Windows XP Theme)
2.Classic style (When we use Windows Classic Theme)

We can Change "TEXT" of One or both of theme.

Some people say that there is five (5) letters limitation when changing the Start Menu Text.
This depends of the way we use to do this work.If we do that by HexEditor,we will have five
letters limitation,But if we use "Resource hacker,we will not have this limitation,(Look at
picture_01 from attachment,you will see that i have used 8 letters).

I will not talk about using HexEditor methode in this tutor (because of it's limitation).

Use procedure below to chang text of Start Menu using Resource Hacker:

1.For this project we should do some changes in "explorer.exe " that is located in your
windows directory (For example c:\windows\explorer.exe ).go to that directory and copy
it to some where else for example your desktop.

2.Resource hacker is freeware software download it from link below ,then Open explorer.exe
by "Resource Hacker"


3.Fom left panel extend "String Table" by clicking on + as picture_02

4.We should edit topics 37 and 38 that are shown in fig_02.37 is for XP Layout,and 38 is
for Classic Layout.
Click on 1033 icon under 37, you will see word "start" at right panel (pic_03).

5.Change "start" to what ever you want for example "MCSgroup" then click on "Compile" as
you see in pic_04.

6.Do the same for 38

7.click on file and save by other name for example "MCS.exe"

8.Now copy MCS.exe to your windows directory.

9.Download DO.zip from attachment,extract "DO.reg" from it in desktop and run it.

Now if you logoff or restart your system,you will see that your start button text is changed.


Important Notes:

1_Incorrect Changing registry settings can be dangerous and should be done by advanced users.

2_ "explorer.exe " is one of most important files of windows,changing that incorrectly can
make the system to not boot.
3_I have done this work in my system as you see in pic_01,and i have tried it in more than 10
system,all was ok.
any way do it by your own risk.if you had trouble in boot or your system after doing the
above process,boot to your system by livexp cd (or any live cd you like),go to your windows
directory,copy ...\windows\explorer.exe some where,rename it to mcs.exe in this example then
copy that to ...\windows\ directory,then reboot.
inside do.zip ,there is another file (UNDO.REG) that will change your registry to original


have fun

shiri zaban
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Attached File  DO.zip ( 619bytes ) Number of downloads: 24
11 Jan 2009
Hide Folder and Folder Name In Windows XP

Hi all

Today i am going to tell you how to make a folder that will not be seen even if you
adjust your windows XP to show all hidden files.and also it's name is hidden too.

This is not a wonderful thing,i just use some properties of operating system and
computer codes.


1.Right click in your favorite directory (for example C:\MCS\)and make a New Folder.
(see pic+01 from attachment).

2.Right click on "New Folder" you have just made,select "properties",then go to
"customize" tab and click on "Change Icon". (See pic_02).

3.Inside coming window go and select the icon that has no graphical shape ,(you can
see this icon from pic_03 and pic_04),select as pic_04,click on OK and then click
on Apply..

4.Now you will have a folder that is not shown (pic_05),you just can see it's name
that is "New Folder".

5.Make sure that In your Key board,NUMLOCK is on.

6.Right click on hidden New Folder you have just made and select "Rename"

7.Hold "Alt" key and while holden type 0160 then releas "Alt" key and press "Enter".

8.Now you have a folder that is hidden and also it,s name is hidden too.for your notice
i have selected this folder in pic_06.

hope this tutor will be some fun and may be useful for some security actions.

Note that:
1.we have selected an icon that has no graphical interface for folder

2.Operating system can not show some combinational characters,and so we have select
one of this kind of characters for folder name.


have fun

shirin zaban
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22 Nov 2008
Modify OOBE files in Windows XP

If you boot by windows XP setup CD (and you have placed winnt.sif for unattended setup),and begin
to setup XP,at last part of setup process OOBE will run by default,and you will encounter by several
pages that you should answer them and click NEXT.

Some of the pages that you will see are as below:

_ An introduction page that actually is an video file (about 7 second) and shows animated widows logo.

_ "Welcome to Microsoft Windows " page.

_ "Who will use this computer?" page,that you should type at least one user name on it.

_ "Thank you!" page.

And some other pages....That we can easyly can chang the TEXTs and images and looking of these pages.

Befor going to to talk about how to do this job,you should note some points:

1.If you begin to setup windows using "WINNT32.EXE" ,OOBE proccess will not run by default.

2.If you have put line below in your "WINNT.SIF", OOBE proccess will be bypassed:


######### How to edit OOBE ###########

OOBE files are found in "your system drive (for eample C:)\WINDOWS\system32\oobe\ ".

1. Go inside "...\oobe\images\ directory and change images below with your favorit images:

backdown.jpg backoff.jpg backover.jpg backup.jpg btn1.gif btn2.gif
btn3.gif greenshd.gif monitor2.gif monitor.gif mslogo.jpg newbtm1.jpg
newbtm8.jpg newmark1.jpg newmark8.jpg newtop1.jpg newtop8.jpg nextdown.jpg
nextoff.jpg nextover.jpg nextup.jpg prodkey.gif redshd.gif setup_w.bmp
skipdown.jpg skipoff.jpg skipover.jpg skipup.jpg wpaback.jpg wpabtm.jpg

2.After Making your favorite images,you should Compress all of them to Microsoft compressed format.
For example for converting "wpaback.jpg" to "wpaback.jp_" format Do as below:

_ Copy "wpaback.jpg" to C:\

_ Click Start,select Run ,type CMD and press ENTER

_ In command window type : makecab c:\wpaback.jpg then press Enter

_ File wpaback.jp_ will be created in (your system drive\...\user profile\).for example if your OS
is in drive D: and user name is Administrator you will have:

D:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\wpaback.jp_

_ Do the same for all your image files,then place all of them in your XP setup CD "I386" directory.

Look at example.png from attachment to see example of edited pages.

Note that when editting images (newmark1.jpg and newmark8.jpg),pay attention to sellect the Images
collors correctly,because if you use wrong colors, the text of pages will not be shown.for example
if you use white background in example.png,then user will not be able to see any option texts.

3.Go to "...\oobe\images\ directory and look at "intro.wmv" by win media player.this is an video
file that shows animated XP logo.if you want to change it and place your own video,do as below:

_ Make your video file by ".WMV" format (note that it should be max 7 seconds).

_ Do the same proces as you did for "wpaback.jp_" above,then place created "intro.wm_" in I386
directory of your XP setup CD.

4.If you want to changes some textes that are shown in OOBE pages,you should open htm files that
are located in ...\WINDOWS\system32\oobe\setup directory,( for example fini.htm and ident2.htm)
and edit them.do not forget to compress edited files as mentioned above,then put them in
i386 folder.


There are some other changes that we can do ,but i think this is enough for this tutor.and you or
other friends can add more options to do.

have nice times

shirin zaban
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