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4 Apr 2008
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unpredictable DVD-RW drive
I am writing for my son who has a wierd problem..been troubleshooting it for 2 months. He has an Asus mobo A7N8X-X and a Lite-On DVD/CD Rewritable drive (LH-20A1P{33c}). The Lite-On reads and burns all CDs fine, but will only read factory DVD data disks. He has the latest firmware update for it, and the latest drivers for the mobo. He has a new 80 conductor IDE cable which has been checked. He took the drive in to a tech place and they installed it in 2 different PCs in their shop and it performed perfectly. He can burn a dvd which is easily read on another PC, but not by the Lite On which burned it. It will not play any DVDs burned on other drives. It will not play factory video DVDs but occasionally, and when it does, there is no sound. The sound cable is good. He has tried burning and playing with both Nero And WM. He has read everything on the net and tried many solutions, to no avail. It has been suggested it may be a power supply problem. Or Codecs? Anything? Short of trashing it, what could solve the problem of why it hates playing movies and playing them with sound on his mobo?
21 Mar 2008
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win 98 - CMOS repeatedly loses date
I have an IBM Lenova laptop A20m running Windows 98 (not SE) and nearly every time I boot up, it takes me to CMOS to reset the date and time. Any idea why date and time in CMOS won't stick?
14 Feb 2008
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deleting NTFS partition
I just got a Thinkpad A20m with a 20GB hard drive. It had XP on it. I booted with my Win98 startup disk and used Fdisk and wiped the HD. I have not ever installed Win98 over XP before so I was doing research on the net and did the best I could. It had an NTFS partition left on it and as I went thru Fdisk, I thought I gave it instructions to wipe the NTFS partition and reformat it to be ready for 98. I selected yes on something to do with large hard drives. I successfully installed 98, all the drivers and I have it up and running beautifully. Now I notice that the hard drive is only showing up as 9.36 GB of space. It has a 20 GB hard drive. I fear this is because the NTFS partition is still there, and half my hard drive is inaccessible. What can I do to recover the missing 10 gigs of HD space? Do I have to start all over? And if I do, how do I get a clean install of 98 and recover the full 20 gigs of HD space? Thanks a bunch...this is my new toy and I want a pure Win 98 laptop.
25 Jan 2008
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make a Win98 boot CD?
I just acquired an IBM Thinkpad T22. It has XP installed on it and I want to wipe it and do a fresh install of Windows 98. The floppy and CDROM are removable and interchangeable, only one being able to be in use at a time. I set the bios to boot from the CDROM, and copied onto a CD the files from a WIN98 boot disk I made with the boot98.exe file I got from bootdisk.com. It will not boot from this CD, though it will from the floppy boot disk. Problem is when it boots from the floppy, the CDROM drive is not in the computer, so the boot sequence skips installing the needed CDROM drivers. So, I can't install Win98 from the CD as the drivers for it won't be there when I reinsert the drive. How can I make a boot CD for Win98? Are there hidden files on the boot floppy? Any idea why it will boot from the floppy, yet bypasses the CD and goes into XP bootup? I have Win98, not Win98 SE. I sort of collect computers and I have a DOS 6.2 system, and Win 3.1 and my big PC is XP. I am determined to get a good 98 system up and running.

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