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22 Apr 2010
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Shell & Config - These lines don't work as expected. Are they even needed
I don't know if (1) I am using the wrong scripts (2) the lines are incorrectly coded or (3) they aren't needed anymore.

I was wondering why I had to manually start networking services through PeNetCfg once the Win7PE loaded when I noticed that these lines in the Shell&Config.script produced entries in Win7pe.cfg that did nothing. In the VistaPE.cfg they executed correctly because they were coded with a different command "AddPostConfig" which doesn't appear to exist in the 8.x release.

#Postconfig from the 8-Rel of WinBuilder (these are the original lines from the download)
#IniWriteTextLine,"%pecfg%",PostConfig,"DNS Client","x:\windows\system32\net.exe","start #$qDnscache#$q",3
#IniWriteTextLine,"%pecfg%",PostConfig,"Server","x:\windows\system32\net.exe","start #$qLanmanServer#$q",3
#IniWriteTextLine,"%pecfg%",PostConfig,"User Profile Service","x:\windows\system32\net.exe","start #$qProfSvc#$q",3
#IniWriteTextLine,"%pecfg%",PostConfig,"Computer Browser","x:\windows\system32\net.exe","start #$qBrowser#$q",3
#IniWriteTextLine,"%pecfg%",PostConfig,"Human Interface Device Access","x:\windows\system32\net.exe","start #$qhidserv#$q",3
#IniWriteTextLine,"%pecfg%",PostConfig,"Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider","x:\windows\system32\net.exe","start #$qswprv#$q",3
#IniWriteTextLine,"%pecfg%",PostConfig,"","x:\windows\system32\net.exe","start #$q#$q",3

After a bit of study I replaced these lines as follows

#Postconfig from Rick's brain to this script
#IniWriteTextLine inserts in LIFO order on the assumption that the [postconfig] lines are executed from top to bottom.
IniWriteTextLine,"%pecfg%",PostConfig,"wait|Network Start|x:\windows\system32\net.exe#$sstart#$s#$q#$q"
IniWriteTextLine,"%pecfg%",PostConfig,"wait|Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider|x:\windows\system32\net.exe#$sstart#$s#$qswprv#$q"
IniWriteTextLine,"%pecfg%",PostConfig,"wait|Human Interface Device Access|x:\windows\system32\net.exe#$sstart#$s#$qhidserv#$q"
IniWriteTextLine,"%pecfg%",PostConfig,"wait|Computer Browser|x:\windows\system32\net.exe#$sstart#$s#$qBrowser#$q"
IniWriteTextLine,"%pecfg%",PostConfig,"wait|User Profile Service|x:\windows\system32\net.exe#$sstart#$s#$qProfSvc#$q"
IniWriteTextLine,"%pecfg%",PostConfig,"wait|DNS Client|x:\windows\system32\net.exe#$sstart#$s#$qDnscache#$q"

Now the lines execute... but then I started wondering. Are they even needed with Win7PE?

Finally I coded an autostart of the network using this scripted command and a PeNetCfg.ini file

IniWriteTextLine,"%pecfg%",PostConfig,"hidewait|PENetCfg|#$qx:\program files\penetcfg\penetcfg.exe#$q#$s/useprofile:mc.ini",APPEND

; PE Network Configurator (PENetCfg) v2.33
; Copyright (C) 2003-2009 Pierre Mounir (TheTruth)
AutoStartNet     = Yes
PromptForProfile = No
ShowGUI          = No
ComputerName     = WinPE
Workgroup        = WORKGROUP
PrimaryDNSSuffix = montgomerycollege.edu
This profile configures network settings for use with Windows 7 Win PE on Mongomery College networks

My questions to the list are;
(1) is there an easier way to do this?
(2) Should I be using a different script?
(3) Are the commands I "fixed" even needed anymore?
26 May 2009
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Mouse and Keyboard are missing on Dell computers
I am using the latest VistaPE project and have added some scripts (Ghost) and drivers (VMware) to support our imaging tasks.

The ISO works fine in both VMware and Sun VirtualBox environments, AND, it works fine with most Dell Precisions and some Dell Lattitude models. It almost never works with other Dell models.

Here is what happens. As soon as the boot process switches from the command line interface to the graphical interface there will either be a mouse cursor or not. When the mouse pointer goes missing, it never returns. Typically when the mouse doesn't work the keyboard won't work either (however occasionally that is not always true).

I've built the ISO with the VMware drivers and without, and with my scripts and without, where should I look next to fix this problem?

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