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4 Nov 2008
If anyone has any good answers for any of this, that's great, but this posting is mainly just to share my recent experience in the hope that it may be of some small assistance to VistaPE's developers in discovering where some current difficulties may exist.

It has been quite a while since I built a new VistaPE "rescue disc" for myself and, the last time I did, I was using v11 which worked fine for me both on CD/DVD and on my USB flash drive. It discovered all of my hardware and ran all of the apps that I needed with no problems. The only exception was that the gigabit ethernet controller driver included in VistaPE v11 was an old WinXP driver that didn't actually work at all with Vista. So I had to replace that one with my own proper Vista driver.

So far, my experience with VistaPE v12 (RC1) has been quite different and, unfortunately, not very good. I've discovered, for example, that NONE of the included drivers work for me and, in fact, if I check the boxes to load any of the driver scripts, they actually DISmount some of my hardware during the discovery process. When I do not include any of the VistaPE v12 (RC1) built-in driver script options in my build, most things work fine when run from a CD/DVD, but I lose my cordless keyboard and mouse completely when I try to run it from my USB flash drive. In other words, I can run it that way, but I'm totally helpless when it finishes loading. And yes, I have tried unplugging and replugging with no result.

My other complaint is v12's mandatory use of FBFW with no RAM drive alternative for the %USERPROFILE% data folders etc. That breaks some applications including my IDM UtlraEdit (v14) utility which I just can't live without. (IMG:../forums/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)

Just to make things as clear as possible, I have absolutely no problem whatever with any other WinXP-based PE builds that are included in the same multiboot set-up on either my USB drive or a CD/DVD disc. So I'm quite certain that these issues are with VistaPE v12 itself and not with any other configuration aspect.
14 Oct 2008
I'm sure there must be some reason, but I don't understand why boot-land.net is wasting its internal resources with javascript click-throughs to an external logger on every page/visitor access.

External counters like www.statcounter.com may be a decent solution for people who cannot access and analyse their own raw server logs, but, for those who can, it's just a wasteful duplication of that on-board logging process at best. In most cases, it doesn't even come close to providing the analytical detail that is possible without any duplication of the on-board server logging that occurs automatically anyhow.

As just one example, take a look at the information provided by AWStats analysis of the raw server logs at http://virtech.org/logs/ . Note, in particular, its detailed accounting of robots/spiders activity which seems to be something of an obsession here and which uses nearly 25% of the same database that is used by these forums. (Triplication?!)

For anyone who may not like AWStats for some reasom, there are plenty of other on-board analysis options (e.g., Webalyzer) that are nearly as good, but mostly harder to set up initially. In any case, any of them have wasteful javascript click-throughs to external logging duplication beat hands down IMO.
16 Sep 2008
At Nuno's request (see this thread) I'll be working on possible site developments with the principal objective of sustaining high performance and usability while also (re-)incorporating as many features and options as possible consistent with the primary functional goals of the Boot Land web site itself.

User input and feedback will, of course, be an essential element throughout the developmental process and, to that end, Nuno has established this new section of the Boot Land forums. Also, with the same purposes in mind, I have created an "experimental" subdomain location on my own virtech.org server where various possibilites (structure, layout, etc.) can be tried and tested prior to implementation here on the operational site.

Interested users can follow the ongoing "experimental" processes at http://bootland.virtech.org/ or http://virtech.org/bootland/ . HOWEVER, any user comments and feedback should be posted here as the testing location is NOT intended to support normal user registration and discussion. In addition to software licensing considerations, the test installation will be subject to frequent updating and structural changes that may interefere with normal use, or may even possibly obliterate previous input.

Insofar as possible, I'll do my best to provide users with up-to-date information on developmental progress by posting updates to this thread as circumstances warrant. To date, the following initial steps have been taken:

- Creation of http://bootland.virtech.org/ subdomain (Pending global DNS propagation, use http://virtech.org/bootland/ )

- Installation of Invision Power Board (v2.3.4) into its own folder with auto-redirect from subdomain home page

- Installation of IPB Widgets for use in sidebar features and as an alternative to mkportal's heavy loading demands

- Creation of "Recommended" and "Active Users" sidebar features per Nuno's initial request

It will be noted that the last-mentioned item is still rough and is subject to "tweaking" of its current positioning, etc. So please don't be too hard on me for the poor initial appearance. (IMG:../forums/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif) I'll fix it as soon as I can, but I have a medical appointment this afternoon. So it will probably stay that way until tomorrow.* Thereafter, I'll start working on Nuno's other request regarding possibilities for home page layout. (* The sidebar has now been vertically aligned with the main board display panel.)

Note for Nuno: If you have a favourite IPB skin that you'd like me to use as the base for futher experimentation, in lieu of the default IPB Classic Blue that I'm currently using, please let me know.
7 Sep 2008
I know that user problems with this boot-land.net/winbuilder.net multi-domain server have already been mentioned here many times in the past, but, at the risk of beating a dead horse, I would respectfully suggest that some kind of help is badly needed. In fact, the situation appears to be getting worse rather than better and I'm certain that I'm not the only one who would gladly provide whatever assistance might be acceptable to the owners/administrators.

Even if the "Internal Server Errors" are left aside and without mentioning publicly any vulnerability aspects, it would seem apparent that loading factors alone are a major contributor to the ongoing issues. In that context alone, there's plenty of disc space and bandwidth available for the asking and I, for one, would happily contribute some. I feel quite sure that others would do the same if that would help to spread the load a bit more efficiently. It seems a shame that such a useful site is being so badly crippled by needless obstacles to its availablility.
16 Apr 2008
Well, I finally got around to it. I finally accepted Microsoft's repeated invitations, issued via Vista's "updates available" nagging, to download and install the Vista service pack. Yes, I know that puts me far behind many frequenters of this site who have been playing with it since the RC stage, or even before that, but I guess I'm just a slow and cautious type by nature.

Anyhow,the download itself went smoothly enough, if a fairly long and tedious wait over my not-so-speedy satellite internet connection here in my backwoods retirement retreat. And, somewhat to my surprise, the multi-stage "Updating Components - Do Not Turn Off Your Computer" process also proceeded to completion without apparent problems -- albeit with almost equal slowness and a few quite lengthy and slightly scary hesitations along the way. Lastly, and much to my relief, the final reboot (of several that were required) took place showing my dual-OS (Vista Ultimate and Server 2003) set-up still in place and allowed me to log in to my now "improved" Vista OS. HA!

Only then was I informed (via the event log as well as via a non-functioning IIS7) that all was not well. The first reported error was a failure to initialize the Kerberos certification process and, upon allowing that error to report itself back to its maker, I was "helpfully" informed that the "solution" was to reinstall the OS. The second reported error was the failure to initialise my IIS HTTP and FTP servers that I use locally for dev testing and that report brought no suggested "solution" whatever.

I have since discovered (yes, I know I should have looked first) that I am not alone in experiencing these types of problems with Vista SP1. The tales of other sufferers can be read in some of the responses to Tim Sneath's song of praise entitled What does Windows Vista SP1 Mean for Developers. My own reaction was similar to what one responder expressed as follows: "We tried SP1 last week and uninstalled shortly afterwards due to a few issues. We could have probably resolved these, and the upgrade is very attractive, but too risky in a live development environment at the moment without time to troubleshoot little issues."

My SP1 "improvement" is now gone too. And I felt it only proper to express my undying gratitude for WinBuilder "rescue discs" in general and for the ability to run Acronis TrueImage therefrom in particular. I guess it's just another case where one shrugs and utters Shakespeare's immortal sigh: All's well that ends well. I would only add: No thanks to Mickeysoft!
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