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27 Jan 2009
Hi there,

Just trying to work out why i keep getting an error (see log) that halts the script process. The only difference with using the safe build of WinBuilder i'm using (075-b5l) is that this build (075-6c) halts and doesn't keep going, whereas the others keep on going, thus allowing me to get an ISO anyway.

I am building on a XP Sp3 system, and i'm using a virtually unmodified source of Windows XP Professional Sp2 -- the only thing changed is i've used nlite to change the 'Documents and Settings' folder to 'Users' and a few other cosmetic tweaks.

I repeat -- i am able to use WinBuilder 075-b5l to make a version of LiveXP that works just how i want, even though i get 3 errors (2 of them are understandable) -- the 3rd error is the same (seems to be) as the one in the attached log file report. I can post a log of my build when using 075-b5l if its needed.

Thanks for any help,

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Attached File  log.rar ( 87.11K ) Number of downloads: 2
13 Apr 2008
Hi there!

I have a working LiveXP CD that is nearly a total short-term replacement for my current XP OS build. If for some reason i have a problem with my computer and i need to continue working on whatever, i can with this CD. I have access to the net via the LAN driverpacks that are integrated, i can see all my drives including my simple dynamic SATA drive, and i can plug in USB devices and have them recognized. The only thing that is missing is audio support. The CD does have some audio drivers integrated but nowhere near the number that are in the audio driverpacks from http://www.driverpacks.net/ and so this thread was born. If there is already another thread out there like this, please say something now.

I'm still a bit of a winBuilder scripting newbie but i'm determined to learn... while i'm doing this, i thought i'd see if someone has already invented the wheel .. or an audio driverpacks script, as the case may be (IMG:../forums/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif)

10 Mar 2008
OK, lots to report. First i should explain my goal: i'm trying to create an emergency replacement disc for Windows XP. With this disc, if at anytime my computer goes down or won't restart, or is having some problem that is preventing me from working, i can turn to this disc, boot with it, and be able to keep working with whatever i was doing. The requirements are: must be able to connect to internet, must be able to read all sorts of hard disks, and ideally, also provide multimedia support so that the user can listen or watch something if need be. Of course, it should also have apps that can fix a wide variety of problems but i have already got this sorted.

I have successfully created this disc with everything except the audio support. But to do this i had to get very creative.

1. First i started off using Winbuilder 0.74 -- i created a LiveXP disc and also a NativeEx Core one. They were very similar in results but both had a problem -- i didn't have any mouse support when using the disc for real (but i did get support when i tested in the Virtual apps). I checked this on 2 different machines, same result. I tried many variations of the settings but always failed to get mouse support. As this is pretty essential, i was forced to try again.

2. Then i tried Winbuilder 0.72a -- made a NativeEx disc and got it to the same state as the version created with Winbuilder 0.74 but this time it had mouse support. The only thing wrong with it is i can't get a classic start menu, it always goes to the XP one which looks crap. However, in order to achieve this, i had to steal scripts from 074 and copy them into 072a -- the PENetwork script in particular (to allow me to include the LAN driverpacks) and i also took a few others (audio drivers, VMShell).

Q1: So my first question is why is 072a going better for me than 074? Its only the lack of a mouse that is stopping me from using 074 exclusively.

Q2: is there anything wrong with swapping scripts around from project to project? It seems to work for me so far but maybe there's bad stuff going on in the background that i should know about.

I will have other questions, but that's enough to start with.

Cheers for any help.
5 Mar 2008
ppAppsGenPE Shortcuts generator
by ReturnOfNights
further mods by soporific

** What does it do?
It automatically creates shortcuts at boot time for all app titles inside a special folder. This will make the task of inserting applications into your PE build very easy. Most apps you should be able to avoid having to write a script for. This also means you can include apps outside of the Program Files folder. If you use a writable system folder system (eg Sdi Boot), there is a limit on how many apps you can include otherwise you will run out of RAM. This tool helps get around this issue. If you wanted to make a DVD with many many apps on it, you will need a tool like this to get them all installed as shortcuts.

** download:
direct download from here download link - 470 kb - MD5: E47D3FB60361530818F7ADA2EBC43569

i'm happy to answer any questions about it,

Change log

* v1.4.04

- re-write of code into AutoIT
- no hard-coded variables, uses standard system environment values

* v1.20

- added facility to install Reg files and CMD files with the app.
- changed count method to count actual shortcuts generated instead of folders found.
- changed message to report on the actual app instead of just the folder name.

** v1.01

- first release
5 Mar 2008
Hi there,

Firstly, its great to see a new stable version of winbuilder, i was last around when 072a just came out and i spent a lot of time re-doing builds because they never seemed to work but i did get a few to work that did the job in the end. The new version 074 worked first time and i haven't had a build go wrong yet. So this tells me much progress has been made, and so congratulations are in order!

I have built a LiveXP build from my Windows XP SP2 install disc and the only thing i'm not happy with is the lack of fonts. Everything else is fantastic but i have set aside about 30 fonts that would make things a bit more interesting and i was wondering how to insert them -- can they be installed by hand? i don't mind writing in all the info, there's only 30 fonts.

Ideally there is a script i can just insert, or should i learn how to write one myself -- i am game for that sort of thing.

Cheers again for this project, it rocks!

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