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15 Aug 2008

maybe someone has already a solution for my problem:
Today I tried at first the new VistaPEv12 Beta together with WinBuilder075 Beta.
There were no problems at all during build of the VistaPE iso/env.

However, when I try to load the iso in VMWare Worstation 6.0.4 the hardware installation progress hangs on the step "installing ...machine.inf.
You can see it in the screenshot.
I just then tried to open the TaskManager and saw that there is always a System task which takes the whole CPU.

Did anyone also has the behaviour and found a solution for this?

BTW. with VistaPE there is no such strange behaviour and all is working fine with V11.

Thanks and greets (IMG:../forums/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)
And now the screenshot
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Attached File  log.zip ( 49.11K ) Number of downloads: 29
28 May 2007
Hi Peter (IMG:http://www.boot-land.net/forums/../forums/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)

maybe this was told again:
How I can get the user variable for "Applicationdata" - I mean the language dependent foldername?

I want to copy some 'files' into this folder.
I saw the profiles-dir is prebuild in the temp directory but I see no 'special' variable for "Applicationdata".
Is there any?
Is there a sumary which profile variables are usable during the whole WB-build-process?

Thanks and greets (IMG:http://www.boot-land.net/forums/../forums/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)
11 May 2007
Hi (IMG:http://www.boot-land.net/forums/../forums/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)

what about just adding/creating a file "ShowDesktop.scf" to the Quicklaunch-folder?

So we could easier toggle between open windows and reaching Desktop icons (IMG:http://www.boot-land.net/forums/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif)
Should it be in "Explorer"-script or i.e. in "MiscSettings"-script - what do you think?

18 Jan 2007
Hi everybody,

I uploaded version 034 of the script for my "PENetwork"-manager.

The next things I will do:
- Some language dependent settings
- Translation settings (for Profile Editor and for using default while starting PENM in PE)
- WiFi

All included tools in this script are selfcreated by myself -> completely licensefree.
The script you can download from 'my' personal Bootland-website (http://holger.winbuilder.net/).
DirectDL (zipped 466KB): http://holger.winbuilder.net/scripts/PENetwork.zip

If you have any questions, suggestions (maybe later when I finish the most) or problems just let me know.

Tested by others and me with XP-SP2/SP3/W2K3-SP1-source and VMWare 5.5.3,6.X/QEmu/RealWorld - thank you all very much (IMG:../forums/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)


Current state:
12.01.2009 - v34 (PENM 0.45):
- Changed: RegDelete command changed to RegWrite empty value

11.01.2009 - v33 (PENM 0.45):
- Fixed: Wrong close button text on main GUI after starting network
- Fixed: Missing status label on after minimizing main GUI
- Fixed: Missing icons under Win2003 based PE
- Fixed: Wrong parameter in driver copying process
- Fixed: GUI won't come up if minimized to tray and should restart by shortcut clicking
- Fixed: Missing language string in computer ident GUI
- Changed: GUI
- Added: GUI colors

16.11.2008 - v32 (PENM 0.44):
- Fixed: double function call with source XPSP3
- Fixed: fonts error after changing IP settings
- Fixed: wrong speed info sometimes in config GUI and wrong DNS in DHCP info GUI
- Changed: APIPA mode back to old behaviour (will later include an option in the profile editor)
- Added: profile reloading/changing GUI
- Added: option to set startup prompt to OnTop window

12.10.2008 - v30 (PENM 0.43):
- Fixed/Changed/Added: a lot of things since v25 (thanks to all for reporting bugs, suggestions and ideas (IMG:../forums/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif) )

01.10.2008 - v29 beta:
- Bugfixing release

20.08.2008- v01 for VistaPE v11:
Script is attached under the screenshots below.
With VistaPEv12beta there are some problems I still try to solve so it just takes a little bit to make it also run with the new version.
So cause there are some internal changes there could be some other errors.
Also the WiFi-functions are again in developement - so they not much functional (it should be however possible to connect to a WEP/WPA-PSK private network - tried with Realtek USB stick).
For now you have to create at first a Wifi profile in the 'Prefered networks' tab.
After that you can also change it - in PE20 there is used then the Vista config dialog.
- Changed: again the driver copy function to work better now with VistaPE.
- Added: debug function now also available in the 'Others' tab to view easier the logfile.

Note!: network browsing doesn't work in QEMU by default cause of the buildin firewall


12.08.2008 (v28 beta)
- Changed: some internal stuff to copy drivers (now using of SetupXXXXX-functions from setupapi.dll)

11.08.2008 (v28 beta)
- Fixed: Some things
- Changed: Some internal things
- Added: Adapter advanced settings tab

26.07.2008 (v27 beta)
- Fixed: Some things
- Added:additional commands after starting network
- Added: network device speed setting
- Added: network drive mapping
- Added: starting of services even if not network card was found

09.03.2008 (v26 beta)
- Added: XP SP3 support
- Added: MAC changing
- Added: possibility to start sharing and adding users/accounts after starting network (only with using profiles)

18.11.2007 (v0.39)
- Fixed/Changed/Added: some things

18.07.2007 (v0.37)
- Changed: Only a few internal changes
- Added: Network startup countdown
- Added: IP Auto configuration - not set by default, you can set it in the script
-> if "IP Auto configuration" is enabled then if the network adapter could not get
an IP from DHCP server the adapter will get the address from the class B network:
(more infos here)

27.06.2007 (v0.36)
- Fixed: Stop service error
- Fixed: False service state after language switching
- Added: Logfile for processing driver copy -> a logfile is created as "%Temp%\PENMDrvCpy.txt"

22.06.2007 (v0.36)
- Fixed: Missing TABSTOP in profile selector dialog
- Fixed: Profile applying not working if TCP/IP is autostarted while installing
- Fixed: Some device detecting problems (no more other devices than network devices are tried to install)
- Changed: Some internal changes
- Changed: Removed blank password limitation for folder sharing
- Added: Autostart File Sharing
- Added: Predefined network drive paths

31.05.2007 (v0.36)
- Fixed: Missed error string in folder sharing
- Fixed: Last selected language not reused after closing
- Changed: Font to DEFAULT_GUI_FONT
- Added: driver files are now also copied from subdirs of the selected driver folder
(- Added: WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW-Exstyle to inf-patching/drv-copying GUI to prevent taskbar entry)

26.05.2007 (v0.36)
- Fixed: IP changing/renewing - Unicode problems
- Fixed: Profile setting if more than 1 available network devices
- Fixed: Starting PENetwork Manager if TCPIP is already installed (i.e. manually or by other tool)
- Fixed: Language not rightly applied to adapter speed string
- Fixed: Removed initest.txt from creating while ini-patching (was just for debugging)
- Changed: Tab order in network drives dialog
- Changed: Some internal GUI stuff
- Added: Simple debug mode - file written to %Temp%\PENMDebug.txt
- Added: Buildin driver copy (cause of missing some additional driver files)

08.05.2007 (still v0.35)
- Fixed: "Profile Creator" Unicode support (also for Profile Selector on startup)
-> best is to create a new profile ini then it's automatically saved as Unicode
- Fixed: Countdown timer on profile selection doesn't stop
- Fixed: Adding of an address deletes 'Other'-tab
- Changed: DHCP-Info-GUI server entries layout
- Changed: Some default values from inifile to registry cause of missing WB-unicode ini writing
- Open: "Workgroup" is not used from profile - will solve this bug later in the evening...

06.05.2007 - 2.Upd.
- Fixed: MessageBox ANSI -> Unicode (i.e. DHCP-Info)
- Fixed: ListView controls with Unicode (tooks me half of the day;))
- Fixed: Error while shuttingdown Windows (enum network adapters false return) (thanks to thunn)
- Changed: Network drive lettes always A-Z

06.05.2007 (v0.35)
- Fixed: Missing network (dis)connect dialog in Explorer (WB-script)
- Fixed: Some missing translation
- Fixed: Missing error messages for network drive connect
- Fixed: Wrong GUI resizing while language changing
- Fixed: Wrong MRU-list number (changed from 16 to 30 max.)
- Fixed: Tray tooltip not updated on just minimizing to tray
- Fixed: Wrong limitation of username length for network drives connect
- Fixed: Profile selection countdown timer in QEMU (timer now using WM_TIMER)
- Open: String placement in DHCP-info dialog in other languages

03.05.2007 (v0.34)
- New: compiled in Unicode-Beta-Autoit-version
- Fixed: Some language depended control settings (GUI title, size, etc.)
- Fixed: Some missing translation
- Changed: Some language dependent control settings
- Added: inf-patching now buildin cause of Unicode-Autoit-version

01.05.2007 (v0.33)
- Fixed: Some wrong IP settings changings effects
- Changed: Main selection from Listview to Tabcontrol for better language support
- Added: Simple language support for the PENM (English/German included - inifiles with ".lng" extension);
not profile editor yet

27.04.2007 (v0.32):
- Fixed: Selection of static DNS/WINS/DG with DHCP and static DNS/WINS/DG
- Fixed: False speed detection on disconnected device
- Fixed: Static IP selection in DHCP mode and false device restarting
- Fixed: Network drives MRU
- Changed: Share username inputbox to combobox
- Changed: GUI-redesign
- Changed: Replaced NetUserEnum by NetLocalGroupGetMembers
- Changed: Replaced selfcreated MRU procedure with CreateMRUListW, AddMRUStringW, etc.
- Changed: Profile Editor: Countdown/Default profile
- Added: Network drives used history
- Added: Mouse cursor wait icon while refreshing something (devices, shares, etc.)
- Added: Profile Editor/Profile Selector
- Added: GUI is restored if running in tray or mimized to taskbar - and starting another instance
- Open: Countdown timer doesnt work correctly in QEMU

14.02.2007 (v0.28):
- Fixed: stopping service only stopped dependend services (thanks to TheHive for info)
- Fixed: forcing/checking if "Computer Browser" is running
- Removed: Msgbox for starting file sharing (username/password)
- Added: a label with info about username/password to use file sharing

11.02.2007 (v0.27):
- Fixed: missing listbox constants (exe)
- Fixed: shares -> autohiding of input fields (exe)
- Fixed: tray activities item -> checked state
- Changed: if starting "File Sharing" only just one info for putting in username/password (exe)
- Changed: server service stop message
- Changed: closing GUI with OK will not exit PENetwork if "activities showing" is activated/used
- Changed: rechanged tray icon on activities to look more like network activities icon;)
- Added: simple connection activity in tray (only 1 icon - same - like in vista) (exe/script)
- Added: small icon in shares list for reflecting hidden/normal visible shares (idea by "TheHive" - thanks (IMG:../forums/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif) )
- Added: optional "closing to tray" (not fully per script)
- Open: direct network browsing from ie. start -> run

07.02.2007 (v0.25):
- Fixed: network drives path limitation
- Fixed: network drives list too few entries
- Added: sharing of additional folders
- Added: small contextmenu to shares/drives-lists
- Added: browsing network
- Changed: automatically minimize to tray after loading

04.02.2007 (v0.23):
- Fixed: like everytime some small things, you know there is always something to fix;)
- Added: Listing of local shared drives (sharing of additional folders is in progress)
- Added: Network drives dialog (adding/deleting of network drive connections)
- Added: some ini-cmds (like i.e. enable minimizing to tray on GUI-start

31.01.2007 (v0.22):
- fast bugfix release
- Fixed: device detection should now work with LiveXP (only testes with XPSP2, W2K3SP1 crashes here)
- Fixed: registering of netcfgx.dll only if it is not registered (did the registering every time)
- Changed: only 1 instance of the GUI will be running

30.01.2007 (v0.22):
- Fixed: some;)
- Fixed: only applying changes to the system if there are some
- Fixed: "workgroup" was reseted to "workgroup" on every start
- Added (script): extract-button to only extract the exe;
for the future if there are more changes to the exe than the script itself
- Changed (script): moved automatically starting of PENetwork to Startmenu/Autostart-group
- Added (exe): setting computername/workgroup should now work

27.01.2007 (v0.21)
- Published new version
- Fixed some bugs
- Added File sharing and simple ping

22./23.01.2007 (v0.21)
- File sharing is finished, needs some minimal optimization but works.

21.01.2007 (v0.21):
- File sharing is working so far 'standalone' - ready to implement (IMG:../forums/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)

20.01.2007 (v0.21):
- File sharing is in progress
- Ping() is finished so far


Screenshots of PENM at work:
(IMG:http://holger.winbuilder.net/screenshots/PENM01-Mini.jpg) (IMG:http://holger.winbuilder.net/screenshots/PENM02-Mini.jpg)
(IMG:http://holger.winbuilder.net/screenshots/PENM03-Mini.jpg) (IMG:http://holger.winbuilder.net/screenshots/PENM04-Mini.jpg)
Attached File(s)
Attached File  penetwork_vpe.zip ( 411.61K ) Number of downloads: 42
13 Jan 2007
Maybe this is a known bug...didn't find anything about it.
It is strange...
Sometimes it happens...sometimes not.

So a command like in MakeScripts:
creates the file "config" in the "system32"-folder instead of a subdirectory.

Did anybody notice the same problem?

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Male Nuno Brito
Super script developer!
PENetwork is a great program and there is still so much it can explore in features.
Good luck with all your developments!! :)
17 May 2007 - 21:47

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