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23 May 2008
This is basically a "scripted" version of NT4 SP6.5, which was on MSFN nearly a year ago, and is still on my server. It'll also carry more stuff.

The project was hosted on my server for a day, too. It's still there.
Remember the project is in beta stages, but it still should produce fairly useful results. It dosen't have ISO creation yet.

What does it do? It slipstreams SP6a, basically.
It can also slipstream SRP and other stuff. Anything, in fact!

It's a compilation of whatever i find.
Also, before downloading a newer version (during the beta period), you may want to clean the project directory, as I may change the placement of some scripts.

It's availble on asiekierka.boot-land.net/updates, and should be on the WinBuilder list.

What's included in version 1:
  • SP6a integrate capability
  • "TrueSlip" - truly slipstreams some of SP6a's hotfixes to the Windows NT4, for the setup period.
  • SRP integration&slimming down capability
  • Some other scripts for bonus stuff.

Now enjoy it! Version 2 should bring more stuff, and restructurization of stuff.
5 Apr 2008
Pico95 will be a scriptable project, that's goal is to make a minimal Windows 95 (basing on this filelist), then add stuff to it.

The only problem i have is that i need a tool to generate the Windows 95 registry... Any ideas? Programs? Stolen Microsoft Code Samples*?

Thanks for reading,

*this one is a joke
5 Apr 2008
`mkay. I'm working on my new project, nanoNT4 (NT4 in under 10mb for recovery purposes on machines that can't run XP), but i still have a problem with running the Windows Logon Service (winlogon.exe). It popuped many STOP errors (i tried different EXE's, including a custom one, winlogon, minlogon, cmd.exe itself). The main problem (as it seems) is that i replaced shell32.dll (and winmm.dll i think, i just copied all the dummy freedos32 files from PicoXP to system32 dir of nt4), so winlogon.exe dosen't have the needed APIs. What i need is a person to write a special winlogon.exe that will flawlessly run cmd.exe.

ADDED JUST BEFORE POSTING: Well, it'll be as great if somebody will write a shell32.dll dummy that has ShellExecuteExW in (the only CMD.EXE's import, it'll be awesome to have it).

EDIT: Added my filelist and registry hives. I have NT4 with SP6 and SRP (and some fixes) installed. I also replaced some drivers with dummies. If you'll get it to work, try to get it to work while adding shell32.dll and winmm.dll dummies from PicoXP, too.

EDIT 2: Also, infred the whole winnt directory, if you know what infred is AND if you have it.

Thanks for reading all that,
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Attached File  nt_debug.zip ( 411.18K ) Number of downloads: 46
5 Aug 2007
I made some tries to make LiveXP (NativeEX worked 'til desktop (and windows version in my case, and no explorer) was showed and auto-rebooted) work with my Kingston DataTraveler 1GB without SDI.
Big thanks to Dietmar.
1st try: LiveXP.
First used PEtoUSB only and stopped with 0x7B error while booting. It seems it can't find my USB pendrive.
2nd try: LiveXP.
Then i added the USB-patched ntdetect.com and it worked!
3rd-???th try: NativeEx.
Didn't work (see above for details)
Latest try: LiveXP (but SP1 instead of SP2).
Worked :DDD This time with more stuff.
No screens, sorry.
Only thing that i now need is drivers for ATI and NVIDIA cards. So i don't have to bear with vbemp. If it was more accelerated, i'll stay with it... I'll still use it for old video cards using my own 13kb list for it.
BTW: I need to speedup the loading. First thing: Disabling SATA driver... i can make a bootdisk with needed ones.
It takes ~1 minute now. When disabling SATA driver, it'll probably get down by 15-20 seconds.
If anybody can make a master list of scripts, please do it (IMG:http://www.boot-land.net/forums/style_emoticons/default/thumbsup.gif)
25 Jun 2007
Welcome everybody!

If anybody remember waiting for WINDOWS 3.5 project by me (anybody waited?), you'll probably like this project.

As far as I know, nobody made a Windows 3.1 setup editor with bundled add-ons. So i thought "Hey, i remember WINDOWS 3.5, why not make a wizard from a project?" and there it is.

You need to download Windows for Workgroups script EVEN if you use Windows 3.1x (NOT wfw).

All scripts can be downloaded from WinBuilder on THIS server:

It hasn't been discussed elsewhere in THIS form, but here's a link to WINDOWS 3.5 thread: http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?...view=getnewpost

Make directory for Source and Target.
In source directory, put files from ALL of your Windows 3.1x/WfW 3.1x diskettes/floppy images.
Set WinBuilder's Source directory to the directory where you put files from Win/WfW3.1x setup,
and target directory to one you made.
Download the WinCust directory from asiekierka.boot-land.net/updates.
Set up the script.
And now, just, BUILD IT!
Then burn files from target directory to a CD.
Make a floppy with MS-DOS 6.22 and CD drivers.
Load the floppy.
Type: "SYS A: C:" without the quotes.
Then load setup.
Hooray, you're DONE!

Current version: v0.8 (1.0 beta).
WARNING: I wouldn't do any more software. I will release only bugfixes. I just don't have any ideas. If you want to do one, feel free.

Thank you,
Adrian Siekierka, 2007.

BTW: You can make your own addons! Send me them in zipped form on asiekierka@gmail.com. (they can't have EXEs in).


- v0.8 (1.0 beta)
- Added TCP/IP stack (WFW3.11 only)
- Joined BASE scripts! The script now autodetects windows version.
- Added <800kb Mosaic 2.0 browser (1993). (you need TCP/IP stack for it though i forgot to set it. Will be fixed in 0.9 (1.0 RC).
- v0.7
- *sigh* Okay, added DOS tools with GUI.
- Fixed bug that could cause new WIN.INI and SYSTEM.INI to NOT be copied.
- Renamed SETUP.INF reductor to Setup Finalizer.
- You can now expand compress.exe from Finalizer script and expand!.exe (Windows 3.1 one) from WFW 3.11 base script.
- v0.6
- Fixed msdos.script from the bug that was "fixed" in v0.5
- Added Dr.Watson (IMG:http://www.boot-land.net/forums/style_emoticons/default/ohmy.gif)
- v0.5
- Fixed a bug that touched most of the scripts.
- Added Win32s with patches I could find.
- v0.4
Added OLE support!
Added 3D Control support, along with Windows 95 style!
- v0.3
Added Commdlg.dll graphical patch
Made a Finalize script, that basically reduces setup.inf
Added MS-DOS Executive.
- v0.2
Added Winfile.exe graphical patch
Added VB1-4 dlls
Added more patches.
- v0.1
Initial version.
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