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 Index of USB Boot Making Applications, Please DO NOT post here, post in the above
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post Oct 20 2009, 11:55 AM
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Following is a brief list of different applications which can make your usb device bootable.

1. Fbinst by Bean
2. Fuwi's Usb Boot Utility
3. Make_USB by Wimb
4. BootIce by Pauly
5. RMPrepUSB
6. Disk Genius

I am just giving the little introduction and link to the main topic of that application here on boot-land or to its respective page elsewhere .

1.fbinst ( My Personal Favourite )

Author: Bean123 (China).
He is also in the devlopment team of Grub4dos, it is basically a command line tool and is very easy to use.
You can use as it is from command line or through it's GUI.
You can also use my automated fbinst's package which i made for ease of usage so that i wont have to write all those commands again and again myself.

fbinst on bootland forums:


fbinst on znpc forums (Chinese).

latest available download:
fbinst (15.11.09)


grldr (14.11.09)


fbinst's 1.5 GUI: ( 16.11.09)

http://bbs.znpc.net/attachment.php?aid=3651 part 1

http://bbs.znpc.net/attachment.php?aid=3744 part 2

WARNING: There were some reports about (false) positives from antivirus software, check the files here:
if in doubt.

my fbinst's cmdline automated package:


which includes latest grldr as of 15.5.2010 .

known Limitations :

it works only on xp , 2k , 2k3 machines ( 32 bit tested) .
If you are running any other OS , boot into PE and use it from there.

2. Fuwi's Bootable USB-Drive Utility

Author: Fuwi (Switzerland).
The package basically uses HP USB format tool, but Fuwi added fixes to remove known glitches in it, to make the usb bootable on as many machines as possible.
It also has an option for making a kicker image out of your (Bart) PE folder.
It uses grub4dos as main loader.

Fuwi's Bootable USB-Drive Utility :

Known Limitations :
None as of now to my knowledge

3. Make_USB.exe

Author: Wimb (Netherlands).
It is a small tool from wimb's AIO utilities that takes care of installing xp from usb.
It has the option of making a multi partitioned usb device without the need of installing any additional driver by yourself.
It also removes some glitches in making usb bootable and working on most machines.


Direct download link:

Known Limitations :
None as of now to my knowledge

4. RMPrepUSB :
Author: steve6375 (United Kingdom).
It is a small tool to ONLY partition/format a USB device.
It has options to set as bootloader either:
NTLDR (NT/2K/XP/2003)
BOOTMGR (Vista/2008/Windows 7)
It also has the ability to remove some known limitations in usb booting just like in wimb's tool above, and allows for some "peculiar" formatting/partitioning, USB-ZIP like, 64/32 geometry, etc.


(download link inside the topic's 1st post).


Author: Pauly (China).
Current version is 0.78 - English
It is a small utility that besides having the ability of partitioning/formatting a USB device it has also options to change the bootloader invoked, thus, it can be useful also as a complement to other partitioning/formatting utilities.


Version 0.78 can be found in the one of the last posts of the topic above

6.Disk Genius :

Author: Dahai Lee (China).
The Active production is being lead by DGen (China) now which was the co programmer of Disk Genius . As of this
date only version 3.0 Beta 12 is available in English . I am giving the link to UNTOUCHED copy which i downloaded a while back
from their Home page (Now Lost) . It is clearly mentioned that for non-commercial purposes this tool can be used .



Author: Pcuser (Kneebrasskee).

This is a new utility that puts BartPE/UBCD4Win on your USB drive and can also make a small 40MB iso image used to boot your USB drive on systems that can't boot from USB otherwise.

it supports syslinux , grub4dos .

more details can be found here ,

download link

edit : it is GRUB.exe in Disk Genius not GRLDR.exe . sorry .
added list of the apps as told by Nuno .
kindly let me know if you know any other application which can format and make a usb bootable .

edit 2: moved pictures to the related topics . added pcuser's UBUSB to the index .

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