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 RMPrepUSB - Bootable USB format utility, A new Windows USB tool to replace HP Format Utility
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post Apr 15 2009, 09:15 AM
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Note: See end of this post for downloads.
RMPrepUSB is similar to the HP Format utility, but much more flexible and should be better at creating a USB Flash memory drive that will boot on most systems successfully. See below for details of these utilities.
Let me know if it works for you please (or even if not)!
See a demo on YouTube

What are these utilities?

RMFormat - Windows GUI allows you to format any partition under Windows XP+ as FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS (no Windows FAT32 size limit - e.g. can have a 40GB FAT32 partition). Originally developed as a test program to test the FormatEX API on Windows systems for NTFS formatting. Only default Windows cluster size, etc. is possible.
RMBootSect - Windows command line utility that changes the boot sector on any disk (similar to MS BootSect). Not all filesystems are supported.
RMPartUSB - a command line Windows app used by RMPrepUSB - allows you to partition and format any USB storage device as FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS from Windows XP,2K3,Vista,Win7,2K8. Can be used in scripts/batch files.
RMPrepUSB.exe - a user friendly front-end Windows x86 (32-bit) GUI for the command line tool RMPartUSB.exe. When you set the options in RMPrepUSb and click the Prepare Drive button, it will display the command line that it is going to use to run RMPartUSB and then run RMPartUSB. If you have selected a folder, it will then copy the entire contents of that folder over to the new partition when RMPartUSB has finished formatting the USB Flash Drive (UFD). You can then use the Eject button and disconnect the UFD when you have finished.

WARNING: RMFormat and RMBootSect will work on ANY drive, including your Windows PC hard disk - you have been warned!

Details on RMBootSect
RMBootSect [/nt52 | /MSDOS] <drive_letter>: [/debug] [/nowrite] [/ZIP]
RMBootSect D: (to write a Vista compatible boot sector)
RMBootSect /nt52 D: (to write an XP compatible boot sector)
RMBootSect /MSDOS D: /ZIP (to write an MSDOS FAT16 compatible boot sector)

Details on RMPartUSB and RMPrepUSB:

RMPartUSB makes a single user partition of any size and is primarily intended for USB Flash Drive (UFD) memory sticks although it can be used on USB hard drives to create a single partition.
The utility also places boot code on the USB device for either XP/WinPEv1 (ntldr), Vista/WinPEv2/Win7 (bootmgr), MS-DOS (io.sys) or FreeDos (kernel.sys).
RMPartUSB does not place any files on the UFD - you must copy these over yourself or set the option in RMPrepUSB to copy over the contents of a folder of your choice.

There are some options that allow the UFD to boot either as a super-floppy (ZIP) drive or a Fixed disk (HDD). Thus DOS or FreeDos can boot from a UFD as either the A: drive or the C: drive depending on how you partition and format it using the options available.

What do the options in RMPrepUSB actually do?
Boot as FDD - No MBR or partition table is used, floppy disk drive number is used in PBR.
Boot as Zip - Changes some bytes in the Volume Boot Sector Bios Parameter Block table to indicate that the device is a floppy disk and not a hard disk and uses 64hd/32spt translation if poss.
64hd/32sec if poss.. - if the partition is not too large (<1GB) then use 64hds and 32 sectors per track for the partition table values, rather than the standard 255hds/63spt values used in modern LBA (Logical Block Address) systems. Select this option or the ZIP option (which also uses this 64/32 option) is often successful in booting a UFD as a ZIP device (A:). If the partition is larger than 1GB then the next translation up is used (e.g. if 1.5GB then 128hds/32spt is used).
Boot as HDD (2PTNS) - adds a second hidden very small partition to the partition table. Some BIOSes, when they see a UFD with two partitions, automatically assume that the device must be a hard disk (as ZIP removable devices are defined as having a single partition). Selecting this option increases the chances that any BIOS will boot the UFD as a fixed disk rather than as a ZIP disk. Many thanks to online for this discovery!
Set drive as non-bootable - Does not set the Active flag on the first partition - useful if you just want to make a non-bootable UFD so that if left in a system, the system will not try to boot from it when you switch it on.
Size - by default the maximum size for the UFD will be used. If you want a smaller size then change this (e.g. 500)
Volume Label - change this text box to set the volume label (11 characters max).

I highly recommend a Lexar 512MB JumpDrive or Netac 512MB U2C as being the 'most compatible' UFD. Some older BIOSes will not boot from devices larger than 512MB.

P.S. I forgot to mention that using Bootit.exe to make your Lexar UFD a 'Fixed disk' rather than a 'Removable Disk' also increases your chances of it booting as a hard disk for WinPE/XP/Vista. This also makes it partitionable in XP - you can then have more than one partition on a USB flash drive.

RMPrepUSB, RMPartUSB, RMBootsect and RMFormat are free to use for private use only for anyone biggrin.gif . Commercial use however is forbidden and you need to contact RM for licensing costs if you wish to use it or re-distribute it as part of a commercial solution - support@rm.com

RMPrepUSB Version History
v1.9.70 download also includes the extra standalone RMBootSect and RMFormat utilities which are not used by RMPrepUSB or RMPartUSB (the other downloads do not include these two utilities).
v1.9.75 - added randomised disk signature and patched boot code for better compatibility.
FORCELBA option and Format as USB-FDD (large floppy) function. (512MB ZIP radio button removed)
USBtoFile and FiletoUSB image functions added. USBInfo and FileInfo (displays bytes and partition info).
QuickTest USB Drive for bad/duplicate blocks - use on new USB drives bought from dodgy eBay sellers!
Extensive context sensitive help added and PDF help file.
Uses MiB rather than MB.
Includes Vista manifests to run with admin rights and FreeDos boot files.
Added syslinux and grub support
Desktop now minimized and restored to prevent file copy and cmd windows being obscured.
Quicktest improved - now suggests maximum usable good memory. Tests 1GiB in 4 seconds.
To quicktest a Flash drive
1. Run Quicktest (if you get write errors CLEAN the drive first and try again)
2. If it suggests a usable size of say 1098MiB, then reformat using RMPrepUSB to 1098Mib size
3. Now test with H2TESTW to ensure all bytes are readable in the volume.
If you re-partition the drive, remember to set the size to the 'good' size.
Also remember that the memory may develop bad blocks with age!
v710 removed - replaced with v720 as NTFS format in 710 was unreliable.
v720 removed - replaced with v730 (fixed fat32 format hanging bug on large >16GB drives, fix NTFS format sometimes reports errors, GUI improved + 1-6 steps numbered, improved volume locking and speed. Lots of small GUI tweaks.
v2.0.733 includes support for BartPE (PEtoUSB type function).
Two steps to make BartPE:
1. Use PE-Builder.
2. Use RMPrepUSB - you can have FAT16, FAT32 (any size) or NTFS.
Also added improved syslinux options and force-mba-test grubinst cmd line parameter added. Looks for up to 26 drives.
Only called 'Beta' as PEtoUSB function is new.
v2.0.734- few small bug fixes around BartPE function when cancelling, etc., removed winbom.ini file, new PDF help file.
Include the TESTMBR files and instructions on how to use them
Suppresses the 'format drive' and 'Autoplay' pop-ups that Windows displays during partitioning.
Changed RMPartUSB to v735
Change grdldr to version 0.4.5a (fixes bug in 'write' function to --mem images)
Small doc changes.
Changed RMPartUSB to v736 - Now wipes first 100 sectors when it partitions and formats a drive to remove any old PBRs.
RMPrepUSB version number changed to match RMPartUSB. TESTMBR files and instructions changed as RMPartUSB now wipes sectors!
No need to upgrade to this version unless you want to use the new TESTMBR files.
v2.0.737 Recommended
Added quotes around app path so can use a folder with spaces in the pathname - e.g. Desktop
v2.0.800 multi-language support Beta - see below for details.


P.S. If you like these utilities, please click on the ad link below and I will get a few pennies as a reward and it costs you nothing!

If download link for 2.0.737 is not working, please try http://www.mediafire.com/?y24kjj2xyyo

Calling all bi-lingual boot-landers - can you help? I am looking for someone to translate RMPRepUSB into other non-English languages. See post http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?...ost&p=99260 for details and the new Language-enabled version. Please upload your translation ini file and remember to put your name in the ini file if you want some fame and recognition!

Attached File(s)
Attached File  RMPREPUSB_1.9.70.zip ( 869.4K ) Number of downloads: 1915
Attached File  RMPrepUSB_1.9.75.zip ( 776.39K ) Number of downloads: 3186
Attached File  RMPrepUSB_2.0.602.zip ( 1.08MB ) Number of downloads: 3328
Attached File  RMPrepUSB_2.0.737_REL.zip ( 1.33MB ) Number of downloads: 1624


Try RMPrepUSB for partitioning, formatting and making bootable your USB Flash Drive under Windows (supports FAT16/FAT32/NTFS, MSDOS/FreeDOS/XP/Vista, boot as Hard disk or floppy disk).

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