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 Configurable gfxmenu
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post Feb 19 2009, 10:20 AM
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Gfxmenu is not easy to configure. The files are bundled in a cpio archive, and the control mechanism is inside a binary file init. It's relatively easy to make basic treak like changing background image, but it's impossible to make big changes, such as changing the menu position, without compiling it from source code.

To make it easier for normal user to do advanced treaking with gfxmenu, I've built a special message file whose behavior can be altered simply by editing the config file gfxboot.cfg. Currently, it understand the following options:

boot_show (default: 0)
if set to 1, show the "Boot Options" box. As grub4dos currently don't use this feature, it might be better to hide it.

xmenu_hide_current (default: 0)
if set to 1, hide the current selection item below the bottom menu.

menu_start_x, menu_start_y
Position of menu

menu_max_entries (default: 8)
Maximum number of menu entry to display.

The minimum width of menu select bar.

Normal text color, use RGB value such as 0xffffff.

Color of selected text

Color of boot options label

Color of boot options text

Background color of info box

Text color of info box

Color of menu bar

Color of load bar

Background color of dialog background

hide_reboot (default: 0)
If set to 1, hide the reboot button (F9)

hide_poweroff (default: 0)
If set to 1, hide the poweroff button (F10)

disable_num_key (default: 0)
This message file has added keyboard shortcut function, for example, pressing '1' would choose the first menu item. If you don't want it, set this variable to 1.

hide_help (default: 0)
If set to 1, hide the help button (F1)

hide_lang (default: 0)
If set to 1, hide the language button (F2)

custom_width, custom_height, custom_depth
By default, the screen resolution is 800x600x16, if you want a higher resolution, set these three variables, for example:
The mode must be supported by bios, otherwise, it just fallback to default.

Color of panel text

Color of panel title

Color of panel hotkey (Fn)

Background color of panel pop-up box

Border color of panel pop-up box

The above variables are contained in the sample gfxboot.cfg, but they're disable using the comment indicator #. To use them, remove the leading # and set the corresponding value.
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