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 [PortableApps] Portable Virtual Machine, Here are some I found!
post Sep 13 2008, 08:56 AM
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Hi folks biggrin.gif ,

With portability in mind not only can you carry your favourite programs around on a USB2 pen drive or External laptop USB2 HDD why go to all the trouble of trying to make your Pen Drive etc Bootable when you can carry your favourite OS with you in your pocket, Leech off the host OS, surely it cannot be done?

Well have you ever considered a FREEWARE portable virtual machine & here are just a few alternative to help you out, (I don't know how long the links will last so grab em whilst you can)
& here: http://www.davereyn.co.uk/download.htm
portable virtualBox 32 bit http://www.file-upload.net/download-109947...-32Bit-.7z.html
Portable 32 & 64 bit http://www.file-upload.net/download-109944...-64Bit-.7z.html
Bochs VM allegedly portable: http://bochs.sourceforge.net/
MokaFive has a freeware version but you will need to sign up for it though see here:
One user on a web site wrote:
I have recently discovered a portable version of QEMU available to run on any Windows machine without running an installer (and therefore not requiring admin privileges). If one of these were to be run from a user's machine, how can it be determined what physical machine it's running on? & where can you get it? From Here:
the file is called QKUB.exe for puppy Linux.
You want a windows version of "Qemu" try here:
[1 further note Make sure to grab a hold of the allinoneqemu.exe file, Complete QEMU executable for Windows]
& last but not least what about MojoPac they advertise a free version

& many "others Google is your friend" seek & you shall find!

I found this list of tables for Virtual Machines helpful & informative:

Also what about this little gem from Slashdot:
Hey, Incase you don�t read slashdot? You can use QEMU-img.exe to create VMDK(VMare virtual disk files meaning you don�t need to download the browser image. Also I think this will create files that can be used as ide drives.
Quick and easy:
1 Download the the vmplayer
2. create a vmdk disk file like this:
qemu-img.exe create -f vmdk
3.Create a vmx config file. Here are the basic options you need:
config.version = �8″
virtualHW.version = �3″
memsize = �128″
ide0:0.present = �TRUE�
ide0:0.fileName = �DiskFile.vmdk�
ide1:0.present = �TRUE�
ide1:0.fileName = �c:debian.iso�
ide1:0.deviceType = �cdrom-image�
ide1:0.present = �TRUE�
ide1:0.fileName = �auto detect�
ide1:0.deviceType = �cdrom-raw�
floppy0.fileName = �A:�
ethernet0.present = �TRUE�
ethernet0.connectionType = �nat�
usb.present = �TRUE�
sound.present = �TRUE�
sound.virtualDev = �es1371″
displayName = �Debian 1″
guestOS = �other24xlinux�
nvram = �debian1.nvram�
scsi0:0.redo = ��
ethernet0.addressType = �generated�
uuid.location = �56 4d f3 a5 03 8c cb b9-ed bb 8f 10 a3 de b0 10″
uuid.bios = �56 4d f3 a5 03 8c cb b9-ed bb 8f 10 a3 de b0 10″
ide1:0.autodetect = �TRUE�
ethernet0.generatedAddress = �00:0c:29:de:b0:10″
ethernet0.generatedAddressOffset = �0″
checkpoint.vmState = ��
tools.remindInstall = �TRUE�
ide0:0.redo = ��
Now just run up the vmx file in the player. Boot the cdrom/iso and install the os as usual.

Alternative "Why Not make your OWN VIRTUAL MACHINE, surely I'm joking right! SEE POST #5 below after MokaFive info!


All the Best,

ispy celebrate3.gif

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