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 Exporting Builds and Fast Building
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post Mar 22 2008, 10:43 PM
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yahoo.gif everybody!
I wrote a batch that allows to reproduce PE build from MS source.
It's available at http://alexei.boot-land.net/Public/FastBuild
Why and how you may want to use it:
- It allows to "export" your build for using by somebody else w/o WB
- It allows to "export" your build for troubleshooting
- You can compare two builds easily and clearly see all differences
- You can compare builds of different sources (for ex. WB vs. Bart PE)
- You can save your work for future reference
- You can verify if your Build is compatible with different MS sources
- You can play with registry settings, add/remove files and test results almost instantly.
- You can test backward compatibility of new versions of WB and scripts.
- You're getting .reg files easy to view and compare.
Finally, it's really fast yammer.gif

Some side notes:
- In fact, what I did is kind of "decompiler" that creates building batch, converts PE hives into .reg files, and collects all necessary 3rd party files, as well as files created by developer.
- I've already mentioned WB compiler. FastBuild.BAT+OwnFiles (created by DumpBuild.BAT) is what WB can do instead of direct creation of PE.
- I think the best way to provide PE "components" is ".reg+batch+files", though WB scripts are good to build those components at developer's side. Of course, tweaking PE settings is also OK with WB scripts.


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