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 Can I set up a ramdrive 4 iso boot?.....
post Jun 10 2010, 11:22 AM
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Hi Guys,
This forum is great and have learnt loads recently, and have successfully created some awesome usb keys for trouble shooting and repairing PC's.
However now I am where I want to be with that, I have turned my attentions towards applying my "lmtd skills" rolleyes.gif towards "USB'ing" things at work.

So far I can boot ISO's using grub4dos and syslinux quite happily, with a bit of tweaking here and there, However my latest project falls flat when it comes to the iso images I use at work.
We have a handful of different PC's that we have dvd ISO's knocking about all over the place.
We are forever burning the iso's to dvd and the office is just a mess with dvd's that work, that dont and its just a pain. USB sticks and grub4dos to the rescue I feel tongue.gif

The plan is to set up a nice USB with a grub/syslinux (or both if needed) with menus that let you select the appropriate image for the machine you are building/rebuilding. A classic use of this kind of system I feel.

Now so far I have the iso's on USB and have done a simple iso map command using "g4dos"and it goes through the process of loading but quickly fails because the iso, if being run from a dvd drive, loads a ramdrive "Q" to action something then load a GHOST image down on the system and away it goes.

I feel I can get this to work if I can apply some sort of third party ramdrive system (maybe firadisk, imdisk? from initial reading round) to the iso booting process.

The DVD's load a basic dos boot system first the load this ramdrive where they do something to get the PC name out of the bios then update the SYSPREP file so the ghost file can pick up the correct computer name.

I am quite sure if I can have some sort of ramdrive mapped as Q I can complete this task maybe just using the iso's etc.

Hope that makes sense. If it's something anyone has experience of please let me know or point me to a thread I may not have found. Other wise I can post more info if needed.



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post Jun 11 2010, 10:13 PM
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United Kingdom

FINAL UPDATE ALL WORKING NOW WITH JUST THIS - thanks to all I want to give something back now for this, do you still need drop box's????

title test

map (hd0,0)/TC_3_1.iso (0xFF)
map (hd1) (hd0)
map --hook
chainloader (0xFF) (had error 20 no such volume when left on hd32 had to match iso as (0XFF)
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