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 Lancelot's Mod behaviour
post Apr 22 2010, 06:20 PM
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regarding this thread:

because you closed the thread and you (as a moderator and/or project admin) wants me to post here ...

a.) please write my name correctly
b.) you stated me to turn the thread in a personal affair
- you are the one that grumbled but not gave any hints/tips/advices
- you are the person that draw a wrong conclusion. I know where to place threads ... a win7pe se thread in the win7pe section, a livexp thread in the livexp section. If you want more information (as you stated in the last post) ask ... but you only grumbled
- because you draw the wrong conclusion it was me that turned the thread in a personal affair? Respect!
If you do not want such a discussion in the thread, ok, I said what I wanted to say, but to close the thread?
Galapo only stated that it could be a problem with my source ... there was no statement that this is really the only one possible solution for tzhe behaviour of the script (because with my source and my modification the script works). You said nothing about the script but directly closed the topic? What if my source is a valid german source and the script must be corrected for my source (perhaps only by me for my special case?) You argue very good indeed ... you say I'm wrong and good is ...

You can (as mod or project admin) say that any further discussion off topic in the thread has to be take place in an other subforum (or seperating relevant stuff from off topic) but closing and stating my to turn it into a personal affair is really not good moderation work and is your personal opinion and should not be part of a mod comment
Good to know that you close a thread that is not really solved (only in case of the script and my source)

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