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 [Release] Unwbzip, Unwbzip.cmd
post Mar 17 2010, 09:43 PM
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Wonko the Sane
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From time to time it happens that you need to get a file out of a Winbuilder .script and you don't actually want to run Winbuilder, for any reason.

There is a misknown tool, wbzip.exe, that allows extracting encoded files from command line.

There are several versions around, as often happens there is no actual trace of it's evolution, or nothing even comparable to a proper history, help, etc., etc.

Some traces can be found here (just to know whom you might eventually thank for at least attempting to keep things in a minimal kind of order wink.gif):

It's syntax is simply awful scared9.gif and it can easily get you in a CATCH22 situation, in order to extract a file you need to ALREADY know BOTH the [Section] where it is encoded AND the actual filename, which means that you have to open in a text editor the actual .script in order to find this data and your eyes (unless you are Ferengi) will be struck by the inane amount of commas, #$c, #$q, #$etc., #$etc..

The attached small batch is intended to help in this.

Here is a "screenshot" rolleyes.gif :
A parameter is missing or incorrect, you typed:

unwbzip.cmd simple batch to help in using wbzip.exe or wbzip_new.exe
            to extract files embedded in Winbuilder .scripts
            Release ALPHA 0.01 15/March/2010 by jaclaz
            **paths with spaces in them rigorously NOT supported**

unwbzip <scriptname.script> [options] [<section> <filename>] [TargetDir]

/L                        - List all filenames of files encoded in .script
/LS                       - List all Sections of files encoded in .script
/XA                       - eXtract All files encoded in .script
/XF  <filename>           - eXtract File <filename> regardless of it's Section
/XS  <section>            - eXtract All files contained in  <Section> only
/XSF <section> <filename> - eXtract <Filename> from <Section> only

Please find also attached "a" version of wbzip_new.exe, the one I tested the batch with.

As always, no help file given , if the above info is not enough to let you use the batch, it means that you should NOT use it.

Feel free to use, peruse, modify, whatever, released under my Careware License:

Take it easy, have fun. cool.gif


Attached File(s)
Attached File  unwbzip001.zip ( 1.2K ) Number of downloads: 75
Attached File  wbzip_new.zip ( 97.87K ) Number of downloads: 83


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