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File name Copy VistaPE to USB-Stick
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Tested with WinBuilder 072 & VistaPE 008

Most of todays computers allow to boot from an USB device such as an USB-Stick.
Running VistaPE from an USB-Stick usually speeds-up the boot process up to a factor two or three.

About the script:
This script contains/uses robocopy in mirroring mode for copying the files onto the usb-stick. Therefore only changed files will be copied which speeds up the copy process if only small changes were made.
Warning: Files on the usb-stick that do not belong to VistapE will be deleted while copying!

Installation and preparation:
Place this script in the directory "Projects\VistaPE\Finalize" and prepare your USB-Stick as described in the script-GUI:
You have to re-partition your usb stick on Vista/VistaPE
(not on WinXP/W2K3!) as described below.
WARNING: All data on the usb-stick will deleted!

Start -> execute "diskpart.exe"
list disk
[Keep in mind the number of your usb-stick]
select disk [insert usb-stick number]
create partition primary
select partition 1
format fs=fat32

Note: If your flash drive does not appear in the drives list,
your usb-stick is not compatible.

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