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> International [Date and Time] Formats, in LiteStep Austerity-Shell
File name International [Date and Time] Formats
Added by online
Add date 30-October 07
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File size 2.55K
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This script allows International [Date and Time] Formats in your (VistaPE) LiteStep Austerity-Shell with any Regional Format, independently of both any Language selected from "\WinBuilder\Projects\VistaPE\Tweaks\Languages" and any Source Language.

You will be able to get in your VistaPE compilation any Date and Time Format properly displayed simply setting your preferred format on your PC [Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Formats > Current format > "Select an entry from the format list"]: then your host machine's (Date and Time Format) setting will work in your VistaPE environment exactly like a switch!

Currently LiteStep Austerity-Shell systray shows by default Date and Time exclusively in one format: "English (US)", that is just its default format [9.45 pm] [Tue. Oct. 30], then if your regional format is different rather than that then the only way to display it properly consists in the editing of "system_time.rc" file existing in "\WinBuilder\Target\VistaPE-beta\Program Files\LiteStep\themes\austerity\config".

This script will do exactly that!
At first it detects your Regional Date and Time Format on your PC then translates it for Austerity-Shell in order to display properly any Date and Time Regional Format found in your Windows environment.

Please, note that plainly this script affects exclusively your Date and Time Format proper displaying in LiteStep Austerity-Shell, and it does not affect your actual VistaPE System Locale.

[WB072 * VistaPE_009]

Simply copy this script in "\WinBuilder\Projects\VistaPE\App\System".

Important notes: in WinBuilder "LiteStep" Script Section it is needed to deselect "Delete work folder" option. Furthermore in order to avoid unpredictable behaviour in scripts running order, please do not rename this script or at least do not change its first two letters. Thank you.

P. S.: in order to allow Italian users to set also "Italian System Locale and Italian Keyboard Layout" in their VistaPE_009 compilation I've attached for their convenience "ItalianLocale_KB" script too.
Simply copy it in "\WinBuilder\Projects\VistaPE\Tweaks\Languages".

File updated: 1-November 07

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