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> reg2WBS, .reg to WinBuilder script
File name reg2WBS
Added by psc
Add date 16-August 07
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This command line utility generates WinBuilder .script snippets from *.reg files
Main advantages:
  • accepts a list of input files
  • processes 'normal' .reg files from regedit.exe versions 4 and 5
  • processes .reg files exportet from RegEditWB (Already containing 'WB-Software' etc.)
Syntax: reg2WBSprg -i<input file> [-i<input file> ...][-d<input directory>] _
[-o<output file>] [-H] [{-SYS | -DFL | -SFT}] [-E] [-A]
<input file>: {<complete path> | <name only>}
<name only> demands <input directory>
no <output file>: output to console
-H: Write RegHiveLoad and RegHiveUnload commands into file
-SYS: Process setupreg.hiv hive lines only
-DFL: Process default hive lines only
-SFT: Process software hive lines only
-E: Replace Environment strings by Variables
-A: Write script in API style

The download also contains a GUI wrapper 'reg2WBS.exe' for reg2WBSprg.exe


reg2WBS does not resolve HKU entries.
Use HKCU instead.

The file is stored on the nativeEx server.
Therefore the 'Download' button will give you always the latest version, independent of dates written here!

File updated: 12-May 09

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