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Boot Land _ Tftpd32 _ Newbie DHCP question

Posted by: sblough Aug 25 2007, 02:31 AM

Hi all,

Total newbie here...never had to work with Tftpd32 and DHCP before so forgive me if this seems like basic stuff.

I need to configure a device (Perle) that requests a IP address via DHCP when it starts. I have the following.

PC with NIC (
Perle device
PC and Perle device connected to hub

To do what I need to do I first have to connect the Perle device to the company network so I can get an IP address assigned. Afterwards I power off the device...disconnect the company network connection...connect as above.

I would like to eliminate the company network all together and just setup as above then have Tftpd32 answer the DHCP request and assign an IP address...say Is this as simple as setting in DHCP tab with a pool of one and mask Do I need to worry about anything else? Am I way off base?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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