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Boot Land _ WinBuilder _ Problem by building a MicroPE

Posted by: chrisb87 Sep 28 2007, 09:51 AM


i have a Problem. I read here: that i can build a microPE. But these links on this page doesen't help me: I cant open this page.

I need a WinPE for deploying my clients via ImageX with a Vista-Imagefile. I cant use WINPE2.0 because of our third-party-deployment tool. Is it possible to build a WINPE with a minimum size to have a networkconnection and so on?
I have to do a test in school about it and i musst complete it in the next 2 weeks. Please give me a little help :-/

How can I build the microPE with NETsupport as a bootable iso-image

Posted by: Nuno Brito Sep 28 2007, 10:21 AM

If you're looking for Vista based boot disk then I'd recommend you trying out VistaPE - it's fairly small sized and comes with network support..

Other projects based on XP also get small sized ISO's like liveXP, NativeEx and NativePE around 50Mb with network support.


Posted by: chrisb87 Sep 28 2007, 10:25 AM

I need a WINPE Version where i can use imagex. Is that pssoible with NativePE oder NativeEX? Is there anywhere a tutorial or ha How to, what i have to do? Im realy dispaired...

Posted by: chrisb87 Sep 28 2007, 11:19 AM

Okay. Now i have build a nativeEx... I used this howto:
For beginners:

Download WinBuilder version 072a here and copy it into an empty directory, e.g. C:\WinBuilder072a
Start it
Click the 'Download' tab
Uncheck all selected servers
In Servers, check ''
In the tree on the left, chaeck nativeEx_barebone and nativeEx_Core
Click download and wait until that is finished (Download button enabled again)
Click the 'Scripts' tab and choose your project
Click the 'Paths' tab and define your XP SP2 or W2003 CD
Do not change anything else!
The projects are predefined and boot into qEmu in nearly all cases!
Click the blue 'Play' triangle in the upper right.

After building the project, the generated ISO should boot into qEmu, and you should have Internet access.

But after the blue backgroundscreen appiers the machine reboots...any idea? Maybe it is a driver?

Posted by: MedEvil Sep 28 2007, 11:47 AM

That should not have happend.
psc tests his projects with qemu, so you should get a perfect result there.

2 things you should watch out for:
- The source has to be XPSP2 or W2k3
- It's best to not have any spaces in the path of WB

Else post the log, so that we can see what has gone wrong.
But please zip or rar it before posting!


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