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Boot Land _ WinBuilder _ Translating WinBuilder to your own language

Posted by: Nuno Brito May 1 2007, 05:05 PM

On this topic you find the latest updated english text file wich is used as reference for translating wb

You can download it here:

English:  English___standard.txt ( 16.19k ) : 133

How to use?

Just place this text file on the following folder from where wb is started:

Projects --> Tools --> Languages

If this folder doesn't exist, then you can create it.

At this point you can already start by renaming the file to the name of your language.

One note: Use preferably no accents on the filename - if possible use the english name (like Portuguese instead of PortuguÍs) - otherwise it might give issues when being downloaded (some characters are not valid to be downloaded - so english is always safer to use)

After this step, start wb - open the Tools and go to the Languages tab.

Select your Language and start editing away...

Don't forget to ocasionally press the save button and later upload your translated text to be included on wb.

You can also use notepad or any text editor to convert this text file and please ensure that you are always using the latest wb beta in order to have the most updated binary.

How to update the language file?

wb will always use your language file wether it has newer terms or not - those terms missing to be translated will use the default english expression. To update your language you only need to open up the languages tab again and find these newer english terms.

Where to post the new language?

If your language already has a language specific subforum, then you should post it there - otherwise it's fine to post here on wb's discussion forum.

Please add a tag on the title like: "[Language] Portuguese"

Thank you!! laugh.gif

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