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Boot Land _ Windows 2K/XP/2003 and Vista _ RAMdisk and FILEdisk drivers

Posted by: Nuno Brito Feb 22 2007, 03:20 PM

The Ramdisk driver we use for this guide is almost identical and based on the Microsoft sample driver described here:;en-us;257405. The version we use in this article fixes a bug with Windows XP and NTFS partitions (described in the MS KB article) and adds the ability to change drive letter and disk size in a more user-friendly way, using the Device Manager.

We can install/configure the Ramdisk in three simple steps:

1. Download and uncompress the Ramdisk driver in an empty directory you can remember: Ramdisk Driver
2. 2. In Control Panel -> Add/Remove Hardware , select Add a new device -> select hardware from a list -> Other(All) devices -> Have Disk , then point to the folder that contains the RAMDisk.inf file you extracted in step 1. Click next/finish to complete the driver installation.
3. You can change the size / drive letter of your new Ramdisk from the Device manager: Right-click on My Computer , select Properties -> Hardware -> Device Manager -> expand the RAM Disk -> Properties

At this point you have successfuly installed and configured a RAM Disk drive on your system. Keep in mind that the contents of the RAM disk are lost when changing its size and/or drive letter in Device Manager! They are also lost if power is lost, computer rebooted, etc. You might want to reboot and copy some files to your new RAM disk from within Windows Explorer to ensure it's operating properly.

Notes: In Windows XP, you might have to go to Control Panel -> System to access the device manager. Depending on your OS, you might be prompted to reboot after the drive is installed. Keep in mind that the size of your Ramdisk is substracted from the available RAM, so don't use any wild values. Depending on the intended use, 1 - 16 MB should be the enough, even in systems with plenty of RAM

quoted from:

This is likely one of the first editions from qsoft based on the microsoft one, anyone willing to upload the more recent versions with source code?

This version allows to use some predefined values up to around 60Mb. ( 650.49K ) : 101


Posted by: jaclaz Feb 22 2007, 08:02 PM

Here is a list of resources related to RAMdisk and FILEDISK based drivers, that I am collecting/putting together for the use of people interested in helping here:

Microsoft original Win2k RAMdisk driver:

Another article (version of ramdisk.sys unchecked):

A related article:

A new version (untested)

An old NT 4.0 one (through
same can be found here:

Latest FREEWARE version of Christian Ghisler:

A post claiming that DOS RAMdrive.sys can work under XP:
if the above is tested and confirmed, would it be possible to use either
Franck Uberto's one:
(I doubt it, but you never know)

Some japanese related apps:

A thread on 911CD Forum with same links, some more and some interesting ideas:

COMMERCIAL RAMDISKS (with trial versions):

A complete solution for booting 9x/2K/XP in RAM

FILEDISK based drivers and info:

Sherpya's filedisk plugin:

Filedisk thread on by bilou_gateux:

A filedisk.exe version able to use encryption:

A COMMERCIAL app similar to the above:

NON-FILEdisk based Virtual Drive drivers:
(subscription needed for download)


A NEW (at least for me) Virtual Disk Driver with INTERESTING features, complete with source code:

ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver - Latest version 1.0.2 built 27 april 2007.

ImDisk is a virtual disk driver for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003. It can use one or more disk image files to create virtual hard disk, floppy or CD/DVD drives .The install package installs a console-mode control program called imdisk.exe and a Control Panel applet. After install is finished, type imdisk without parameters for syntax help or double click the ImDisk icon in the Control Panel. It also adds a menu item in Windows Explorer so that you can right-click on a file to mount it as a virtual disk drive. Users of mdconfig in FreeBSD will probably be familiar with the command line syntax of imdisk.exe. The driver, service and control program can be uninstalled using the Add/Remove programs applet in the Control Panel. No reboot is required for installing or uninstalling.

The install package also contains a user-mode helper service that enables the virtual disk driver to forward I/O requests to other computers on the network. This makes it possible to boot a machine with NTFS partitions with a *nix Live-CD and use the included devio tool to let ImDisk on another computer running Windows on the network mount the NTFS partition on the machine you booted with the *nix Live-CD. This way you can recover information and even run chkdsk on drives on machines where Windows does not boot. I am working on a Live CD image with devio and other useful things for this pre-loaded. Will publish that one for download soon.

A (very old) resource for writing Filesystem Drivers for NT, FIFS - FRONT RPC:

Something not really like the above, but maybe a good start point:


I have finally understood WHY filedisk/vdk do not work/are not seen in Disk Manager, it seems like they are not a "real" NT miniport driver, I found some commercial/demos that do behave as a full miniport driver:
(the above two are limited in size but work very well)

In my wanderings on the net, I also stumbled upon the iSCSI concept:
the latter, while the actual iSCSI part is trial/expiring, provides for a Virtual Disk driver that appears to work VERY well smile.gif

This appears to be a very nice solution for virtual disks (encrypted), the working is similar to filedisk, but the development is very active:


ireneuszp has posted on the 911CD forum, here:
a link to here:

where a Ramdisk driver called "RRamdisk" is discussed.

Something seems simply not right about the driver, it appears to be the work of "Gavotte" and of "lyh728".

The accompanying article states that it works with Vista, besides 2K and XP (which of course is a good thing) but also contains some "strange" ideas:
Potential usage include adding of “ramdisk imgfilename” to system boot up script such as autoexec.bat to load the data into memory disk.

(bolding is mine)

From a little search around, this Ramdisk appears to be rather popular on Chinese sites, and I found a version (with same driver/executable release) with a readme in Chinese, so I suspect that the Authors are also from China.

Driver appears to have not a home page, and the date of the files are end of 2003/start of 2004, latest registered change in the readme.txt is 9 December 2003, also, the English readme.txt appears a bit "Chinglish", (no offence intended to our Chinese friends smile.gif), and I find a bit odd that in almost 4 years this app wasn't massively used in the west, until IMDISK came out, FREEWARE known working solutions were just filedisk for image files and Christian Ghisler's Ramdisk. unsure.gif

It seems to have some nice features, though, so if you are into experimenting a bit, it could be an option to try.

If any Chinese speaking member has the time/will to check the readme.txt translation, and/or add any information that might be available in Chinese only, he/she would be welcome.

A Chinese page sporting the original version is here:
(where the app is referenced to as:
Ramdisk V1.1 Final

I'll update and complete the post from time to time, if you have any more hints/links, please post it below, I'll add/edit this post and delete yours.

In other words, this thread is NOT meant for comments, just as a quick list of links, if you have meaningful comments, opinions or whatever, do post to a new thread with them and I'll add here a link to it


Posted by: jaclaz Sep 12 2007, 06:33 PM

02 May 2007

Links in post #2 added and updated, with particular reference to imdisk, see new thread about it.

12 September 2007

Added link in post #2 for "Rramdisk" or "Gavotte ramdisk"


Posted by: traveling Oct 19 2007, 04:45 AM

Thanks for uploading this. It's useful for me. thumbup.gif

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