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Boot Land is a community driven pc software site established since 2006 and focused on recovery/backup boot disks, research of Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 install/deployment/lease/antivirus/antispam tools, customizing Microsoft Windows PE administration systems and even learning how to recover computer data from disaster situations!

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How does this work?

  • What we have done is setup a system so the ad revenue can be shared between all active members of this forum. This forum displays one advertisement in the top of the page when
    viewing a thread.

  • We use Google AdSense to automatically serve relevant ads for the content on the page. Google pays AdSense publishers on a per click basis as well as per impression.

  • If a user has an AdSense account, they have the ability to credit their account with the ads served on threads they start or participate in.
    If you have any questions about it, please read and ask here - http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=8362

Why are you doing this?

  • A forum is nothing without the users. So why not let the users make a little money on threads they participate in.

  • It was also an interesting way to reward members whose topics have grown popular and people who share a lot of interesting work with the rest of the community

What are the restrictions?

  • You must have an AdSense account through Google.

  • You mus be registered on the forums, there's no minimum posts to use this feature but beware that people with spammy behavior will be see their account suspended by moderators.

  • For threads you start, your AdSense client ID will be used 100% of the time but only one the first page. Subsequent pages will use no AdSense to minimize the number of impressions.

Is this allowed by Google?

  • I have gone over the AdSense terms and conditions a few times (both the Overview and the legal version), and I'm not able to find anything to suggest that it's not allowed.

  • But if you know (or believe) otherwise, I would like to hear from you.

How do I set it up?

  • You will need to go to the Edit Options area of your user control panel. Within there, you will find an option to enter your AdSense client ID (this starts with pub- and is within the HTML Google generates for you in your account) - http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?act=UserCP&CODE;=01

  • Once you have a Google AdSense client ID on your account any thread you start will show ads that credit your AdSense account.

I'm worried about you having my AdSense ID.

  • The only info we need is info that is publicly available if you look at the source of any page that has your AdSense ads.

  • If you are still worried then the best thing to do is not participate.

How long will you be doing this?

  • While I can't guarantee it will run forever, there are no plans to stop it at any point. But we do retain the right to halt the program or make adjustments to it as necessary if it's not working out in it's current form for whatever reason.

  • The best thing is that you'll get revenue without doing anything else for the coming years if your topic was written with good quality. Or better yet, raise your revenue as years pass if your topics become popular.

Why should I do this?

  • If you don't provide an AdSense pub-id, ads displayed on top of each topic that you start will be used by the forum default pub-id so you might as well take advantage of some extra revenue into your pocket.

  • It's a way to sponsor your daily coffee or internet bills while having some fun in sharing knowledge.

What should I be careful about?

  • Don't click your own ads

  • Don't ask your friends or incentivate readers to click on your ads

  • Don't create inumerous topics on the forums otherwise it's considered spam

Tips and tricks

If you're interested in improving your AdSense revenue performance, there are some simple tips and tricks that might help bring more visibility to your work.

  • Don't be a troll - some people might think that creating a lot of
    topics equals more revenue but it's just the opposite. It would be
    better for everyone if you read and bring some quality participation on
    the topics from other members instead of trying to raise all attentions
    for yourself.

  • Post quality topics - it might seem too obvious but it's true. Take your time to write a good quality review of a website, software program, research study or something that truly contributes as valuable knowledge to be read and other member will surely consider your effort as worthy to receive the adsense revenue.

  • Ask feedback - if you're a software developer - ask the help of the community and post your progress often so that everyone can know what you're doing. This also helps to raise some visibility to help your development.

  • External sites - whenever possible, try to mention your topics/software on external sites like Digg, Slashdot or other forums of related subject.

  • Use the signature space - Whenever you participate in forums, your signature will be visible to everyone else.  Use this space to promote your best articles or projects.