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5 Aug 2007
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Me and USB booting with LiveXP...
I made some tries to make LiveXP (NativeEX worked 'til desktop (and windows version in my case, and no explorer) was showed and auto-rebooted) work with my Kingston DataTraveler 1GB without SDI.
Big thanks to Dietmar.
1st try: LiveXP.
First used PEtoUSB only and stopped with 0x7B error while booting. It seems it can't find my USB pendrive.
2nd try: LiveXP.
Then i added the USB-patched and it worked!
3rd-???th try: NativeEx.
Didn't work (see above for details)
Latest try: LiveXP (but SP1 instead of SP2).
Worked :DDD This time with more stuff.
No screens, sorry.
Only thing that i now need is drivers for ATI and NVIDIA cards. So i don't have to bear with vbemp. If it was more accelerated, i'll stay with it... I'll still use it for old video cards using my own 13kb list for it.
BTW: I need to speedup the loading. First thing: Disabling SATA driver... i can make a bootdisk with needed ones.
It takes ~1 minute now. When disabling SATA driver, it'll probably get down by 15-20 seconds.
If anybody can make a master list of scripts, please do it (IMG:
25 Jun 2007
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[project]Windows 3.1 Customizer
Welcome everybody!

If anybody remember waiting for WINDOWS 3.5 project by me (anybody waited?), you'll probably like this project.

As far as I know, nobody made a Windows 3.1 setup editor with bundled add-ons. So i thought "Hey, i remember WINDOWS 3.5, why not make a wizard from a project?" and there it is.

You need to download Windows for Workgroups script EVEN if you use Windows 3.1x (NOT wfw).

All scripts can be downloaded from WinBuilder on THIS server:

It hasn't been discussed elsewhere in THIS form, but here's a link to WINDOWS 3.5 thread:

Make directory for Source and Target.
In source directory, put files from ALL of your Windows 3.1x/WfW 3.1x diskettes/floppy images.
Set WinBuilder's Source directory to the directory where you put files from Win/WfW3.1x setup,
and target directory to one you made.
Download the WinCust directory from
Set up the script.
And now, just, BUILD IT!
Then burn files from target directory to a CD.
Make a floppy with MS-DOS 6.22 and CD drivers.
Load the floppy.
Type: "SYS A: C:" without the quotes.
Then load setup.
Hooray, you're DONE!

Current version: v0.8 (1.0 beta).
WARNING: I wouldn't do any more software. I will release only bugfixes. I just don't have any ideas. If you want to do one, feel free.

Thank you,
Adrian Siekierka, 2007.

BTW: You can make your own addons! Send me them in zipped form on (they can't have EXEs in).


- v0.8 (1.0 beta)
- Added TCP/IP stack (WFW3.11 only)
- Joined BASE scripts! The script now autodetects windows version.
- Added <800kb Mosaic 2.0 browser (1993). (you need TCP/IP stack for it though i forgot to set it. Will be fixed in 0.9 (1.0 RC).
- v0.7
- *sigh* Okay, added DOS tools with GUI.
- Fixed bug that could cause new WIN.INI and SYSTEM.INI to NOT be copied.
- Renamed SETUP.INF reductor to Setup Finalizer.
- You can now expand compress.exe from Finalizer script and expand!.exe (Windows 3.1 one) from WFW 3.11 base script.
- v0.6
- Fixed msdos.script from the bug that was "fixed" in v0.5
- Added Dr.Watson (IMG:
- v0.5
- Fixed a bug that touched most of the scripts.
- Added Win32s with patches I could find.
- v0.4
Added OLE support!
Added 3D Control support, along with Windows 95 style!
- v0.3
Added Commdlg.dll graphical patch
Made a Finalize script, that basically reduces setup.inf
Added MS-DOS Executive.
- v0.2
Added Winfile.exe graphical patch
Added VB1-4 dlls
Added more patches.
- v0.1
Initial version.
11 Feb 2007
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Oh yes.
It exists.
I'm doing it with help from wendy.
It will be something like Windows 95 rather than NT 3.51...
It is based on Windows 3.1 with 3.11 patch integrated.
- Explorer (maybe, Win95 portion idea)
- Win32s (with patches found on the net, makes more software compatible)
- REVERSI! (lol, some more games now.)
- Better COMM.DRV
- Windows 3.11 patches
- Win95 look
- VESA 256-color driver
- Some logon tool (i doubt it will be done, but... who knows)
- Win32c (early Chicago) calls added (any programmer willing to do this?)
- More fonts
- Speedups
- OLE2

- Reversi
- Better Comm.drv
- Win3.11 patches (some of)
- OLE2
- Partly added VESA 256-color driver
24 Dec 2006
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Windows 2003 Server Core...
Windows 2003 server core is based on Longhorn Server Core ideas, which:
- Don't have explorer GUI
- uses 1gb disk space, and vista uses 6gb.
- haves only some GUI software.

- uses ~17 MB of ram
- uses ~70MB of HDD space, while Windows 2003 server ~1,5GB
- haves some GUI tools too.

It's heavily based on Standard project, and i edited some scripts, mainly XPE - PNP & Multimedia and i deleted ALL audio.
If somebody can clean it EVEN MORE, please tell me.

+ is done, * in works, - planned.

+ made it boot
+ haves network
+ haves PnP
+ deleted Audio
+ it's really lightweight
* adding more software
- add 2 NTOSKRNL's left.
- add MORE network drivers ;/
- add Mass Storage drivers
- do new boot logo
- do installer (i thought somebody with delphi knowledge, like Nuno, can help me)

Server Core scripts (1,1 MB!)
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