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26 Jul 2007
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Opera 9.22 Unattended
take it (IMG:
or not.

I've seen many of you use the very old Opera version, I don't undsertand why.
Because all other apps are new, except Opera, so here is the latest one.

Just unpack the zip, that's it.
Running Opera_9.22.exe will install Opera 9.22 automatically.

Download here
5 Oct 2006
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Why delphi and not java or so?

Why do you code in Delphi?
If you would code in java or c++ you could use so many frameworks and icu from ibm for unicode support etc.

And I could understand the code (IMG:
I don't know delphi..never saw it..

What programming language would you recommend?
4 Oct 2006
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9PB do you know that?

I know I'm a downloadjunkie...but I neva knew that I've passed the border of normality so many GBs ago..
Would you believe me If I say that I may have a S-ATAII 9PB Harddisk RAID??

If I tell you that if I rightclick on my download folder then show properties Windows sais that I've 9PB files in there you still wouldn't believe. right?

OK. This is no fotomontage!!

I love my hardisks.. have 7 actually (would have 11 but 4 died) you don't want to know how much space is left? about 50GB...damn..downloadjunkie mode off.. shit doesn't work.. you know any therapy? (IMG:

just to clear things off..I've not 9PB (IMG: but much more than >1TB however..that's a windows bug
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3 Oct 2006
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Setup Assistant
Hi, my name is Xsss4hell!
I'm a developer from germany and actually know Pascal, C+, Java and most web-languages.

I worked as Co (Network-) OEM Administrator when I was 17 and noticed that there are way too many steps to finish a system installation.
So I decided to code a Setup replacement that easies and boosts the installation process.
Now I'm 20 and know some programming languages (note I'm still a beginner).

I want to create the ultimative "Setup Assistant" for any Windows operating system. (xp in the beginning)
A program that converts a general windows cd's setup to a dynamicaly assisted setup.
A Setup replacement that detects and installs any hardware just like the original setup.
But assists and recommends you options relating to given information in realtime.

What I wanted was something that melts system updates, tweaking, optimizing, automation, shrinking, customizing and all the other cool stuff to one application. The only reason for this was that I saw too many projects that are amazing but twins of other projects, I think it would be cooler, if the devs would work together instead of coding two or more apps that do the same.. In example: All the "Unattended Makers".

The endusers can be home-, power-, oem- and corportate users
Before you start asking when is it ready.. there's no planned finishing date.
I'm sure this will take long time to become available.
And I hope there'll be some good c++ coders, who want to support and help me.
The reason why I'm askin here is that your project called "WinBuilder" is different in some way to all other projects I know (in a good way) and I like that, but it has also some similarity to my project I'm planning.

- Setup Assistant
Collects neccesary installation details and automatically, recommends best options.
It's complexity varies from 1 to 10 customization steps.
It'll offer local and remote installations services.
The assistant will help you customizing your installation or just automate and simplify it.
This is done before the setup has begun.


- hardware detection
- general setup routines
- open setup api
- servicepack integration
- hotfix integration
- driver integration / management (driverpack)
- addon integration (updatepack,firefox etc.)
- components management
- tweak management
- xml presets management (import, export / upload, download)
- gn8, il8 (globalization, internationalization)
- network access (tcp/ip,udp,p2p)
- proxy support
- db access (sql,mysql)
- enhanced security options
- unlimited scalability (modular interface / addons, plugins)
- unattended switch finder assistant
- skinable
- customizable
- quick preview window

+This project will be opensource at "", "" or "" when milestone 1. is reached

General project timeline:
- finding a name
- finishing planning phase
- creating core functions
- creating a gui
- integrating functions into the gui
- extending features
- adding plugins
- developer feedback
- optimizing
- design tweaking
- creating a project installer
- finishing project
- creating homepage
- user feedback
...other features coming..

In general can you please add any information you know about the windows setup?
In example I know very few people who know what setup.exe really does (and who're keeping it a secret).
I acutally don't know a name for the project except:

^X-10 sound just good...
Setup .Live
^(instead .Net (IMG:

PS: I hate people crying "that's impossible".
I know much about project-planning and frameworks and so..but don't know what you're actually using.
I'm sure that u would never have any problems with unicode in example, if you would use standard frameworks and libraries. like ICU from IBM...and in general can you tell me please what coding language you'd prefer for coding this? I assume not JAVA, am I wrong? however Java is nice..C++ is a bit more complicated in my opinion.
I tried to plan that project with sereby, but he could not really help, because he knows VB only.
Now he's planning something similar in VB..I think you know him, he's the creator of the german updatepack.
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