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post Jul 14 2007, 03:43 PM
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Hi everyone!

A new wb stable version has been uploaded - you can download it from the wb's download page here: http://www.boot-land.net/winbuilder

This new version is only applied to WinBuilder.exe - projects available from the download center follow their own updates as authors and developers implement them, but this new version should also allow more conditions to update the main server soon.

Here is the long log of changes:

The beta edition for testing version 072 was wb 071

beta 1

- Removed MD5 box on the options tab inside script editor (download center always checks md5 automatically)
- Added support for running projects in unattended mode

beta 2

- Added /runsingle= switch which allows to run a single script

beta 3

- Scripts can be displayed without state button - useful for scripts not meant to be run (use Selected=None) on [Main] section.
- If all scripts on a folder have no state seletect (Selected = None) then the respective folder also omits any state
- Removed right-click menu from main window (became obsolete)
- Removed MD5 calculate tool from Script Edit --> Options --> Calculate MD5 checksum
- Removed language entries: !#1519,!#1520,!#1521,!#1522 related to MD5 calculate tool inside Script Edit --> Options tab.
- Added option to use wb without Download Center, Upload and Web tab for use under restricted network conditions
- Tools tab was made a bit bigger hiding the tab title
- Script Edit tab title was also hidden along with script treeview to give more room to editor
- Corrected bug which allowed to erroneously select more than one script on main window
- Corrected minimum allowed width and height for interface checkboxes
- Moved Paths and Log tab to the scripts tab
- Added a Help tab which will hold help contents about wb, it will use a html file from %basedir%\Projects\Tools\Help\index.html
- Corrected the back colors for some objects under some XP themes.
- Recoded the Create Script tab to become more functional
- Added CopyExpand command using setupapi.dll (thanks to Peter and Smiley)
- Modified ShellExecute and ShellExecuteEx to support work directories as the 4th parameter
- Modifed ShellExecute and ShellExecuteEx to work without adding parameters, ex: ShellExecute,Open,cmd.exe
- Removed "Enter" from the keyboard shortcut list (it was being trigered after exiting windows screensaver protection )
- Corrected a bug which occured when trying to echo a section with brackets

beta 4

- Recoded script engine to improve performance
- Removed words !#2057 and !#2060
- Fixed Refresh button - wasn't updating correctly the Paths Tab
- FileDelete is now based on Win32API for code efficiency
- ShellExecute was improved to be (much) less CPU intensive while waiting for launched program to finish
- Added an error handler on the script engine - now it won't abort when invalid syntax is found.

beta 5

- Removed property on text labels that wouldn't allow using & chars
- corrected a bug on regwrite introduced on beta 4

beta 6

- Removed an unneeded setting which always wrote a locked=true value on the [main] section
- Recoded interface, file search/filter and settings to load much faster.
- Bugfixed error message when selecting to show log after running a project.

- Replaced external download functions with internal IE download function
- Bugfixed open handles when scanning directories

beta 7

- run command can support up to 9 parameters
- Added a code box window to test new commands under a specific project

beta 8

- Added the option to print the currently viewed page on the Help Manual
- Moved Create Script tab to be the first visible tool
- Removed the option to lock the interface - become obsolete

beta 9

- changed tab titles to be larger on script editor
- small bugfixes
- Added a better web server manager
- Added missing translation texts

beta 10

- more bugfixes and small improvements
- Limited treeview on main window to avoid excessive width
- Added more informations when using webget
- Changed default logo image for scripts without logo
- Added new parameter on FileCopy - using "show" as last parameter will display the advance of the file copy operation.
- Fixed ExtractAndRun - wasn't working correctly.

- 11

- Syntax errors are added on log along with the full syntax used
- some bugfixings of previously added features.
- Added quick navigation buttons to allow pressing forward and backward while browsing scripts
- Modified the unattended box for running projects - also added /debug switch to help evaluate used parameters
- Main window will automatically remember and open the last selected project in winbuilder.ini
- Modified the Interface handling when scripts are executed - it was buggy under some conditions

beta 12

- corrected webgetifnotexist - wasn't checking correctly if a file existed on disk or not
- corrected log window - it wasn't opening the log in explorer after setting this option

There were a lot of changes when comparing version 070 to the newer 072.

The discussion topic for wb071 can be found here: http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=2195

- GUI / Visual

- Added a lot of cosmetic fixes and improvements on the UI
- Removed options which became obsolete, not very used
- less clutered User Interface
- quick navigation buttons to configure options inside the available scripts
- Start up of wb was improved and also the script loading can support big sized scripts without delays
- Translation of the default english language by a native english (US) speaker.

Script engine

- More options and commands (read long log for full details)
- Supports full unattended project builds (even launched inside wb itself!)
- Many commands were recoded bugfixed and improved


- Download Center has been improved, making things much easier to download and share
- Create Script tool was also recoded to support third party tools and provide easy to use script templates
- CodeBox tool added to help test and debug commands


- Option to disable all internet/network support inside wb
- New help documentation added to allow offline view


There were a lot members involved in bug testing and providing feedback throughout all these beta releases on wb 071 across the last months.

Special thanks go to (in alphabetical order):

Booty#1 - great delphi tips and overall help to improve the speed and memory leaks issues (amongst other bug reports)
Edborg - testing and reminding how important compatibility with older scripts matters
Garfield - posting results of beta wb when tested under different projects
h7se - for reporting small details left out when removing obsolete features (lock button)
Holger - more testings under his proxy web connection
Jaclaz - for warning about IE being used as download engine
MichaelZ - for testing on his machine and report back results
Ove - feedback and testing results on the download center
PSC (Peter) - for always being available to help and test the newer binaries - your debugging skills are excellent
Paraglider - more tips on what needs to be done (help documentation, quick navigation buttons)
Smiley - good ideas and feedback (unattended mode)
TheHive - for exaustive tests and good ideas to make UI more intuitive
Thuun - correction of grammar on native US english and cleaning of the help web pages.

To all the above mentioned members and to everyone involved in producing this new wb - THANK YOU!
- this surely wouldn't be possible nor fun without your help and time spent testing and writing your ideas and opinions on what should be changed.

Have a really great weekend! cheers.gif

Use the search tool to find all posts made by other members and help you solve any doubts quickly by yourself.
Whenever possible - place your questions including as many details as you can to help us help you - Thanks!

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