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19 Sep 2007
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Little Angel
QUOTE (Nuno Brito @ Sep 19 2007, 01:16 PM) *
Another request: would it still be possible to have a trial version without time limits?

Yea, and without restrictions to one only computer (hardware dependant) (IMG: Or, maybe make it possible for those who want to buy a few copies (volume purchase (IMG:
7 Jul 2007
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Which image format is better to use?
Have a question:
I'd like to have a separate image file, say Appz.img, with some programs that need read/write access to disk during their operations. The image will be with compressed NTFS partition. If this image is mounted from CD/DVD will it have this ability? Which format on image file suits this purpose the best?
13 Mar 2007
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Scanning in PE - possible?
There is a good shareware program VueScan that has it's own and really big scanner database in one INF file, doesn't use Twain support (?) and runs fine in WB build.

But it probably needs Still Image Service support (?) to use the scanner.
And maybe hardware support also needed (?) to find attached scanner too. Not sure about the last one though...

Could somebody with knowllege and experiance in PE systems have a look at it and say if it is possible to run it for scanning in WB build? (IMG:

Official website:
25 Feb 2007
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BootSDI, zCopy and ImageCreator utility
BootSDI.script (former IMGinRam)
Creates BootSDI.IMA file that can be booted into Ram from CD, HDD and USB devices (sticks and flash cards). By default script creates an ISO image for burning CD but you can grab this file alone in ISO\RAM folder and use it as you want (IMG:
Note 1: if you want the build running in qEmu please uncheck any other "Create ISO" scripts inside the project.
Note 2: for using this utility FileDisk driver is required. It can be installed directly from the script interface and there is no need to reboot the computer after that.

zCopy utility Download | Beta testing and discussion
NIKZZZZ from Ru-Board created scpecial utility for this script - zCopy.exe for copying all files and folders from one pointed folder to any pointed disk drive. zCopy creates the exact mirror of "home" directory on a destination drive. Then it lists all files and start copying from the biggest with compressing and checking integrity of files.. zCopy may stuff the image even if there is nearly no place on it (IMG: This gives you ability to make the smallest image possible and you can boot using 50MB image on a computer with only 80MB of RAM! This utility will be extracted in your Tools directory. Try it also for your other usual tasks.

ImageCreator.script and ImageCreator utility (reg.exe and notepad.exe are required in system32)
The other utility created by NIKZZZZ for using especially with RAM Boot. The utility makes the image of running WB system so that any changes to the regestry will be available during next boot to the build. It creates drive image (HDD or RAM disk) from the loaded system itself using direct access to the disk. Regestry files are imaged from the working system too.
In other words - it is possible to install neary any program directly when running WB build and save the settings specified in configuration file for the next time you will run WB build again! It can save some time for writing program scripts also. Why write complex scripts with files placement and regestry settings if you can just install and configure a program and save all changes directly in the base build?

How to use ImageCreator
1. Create an image file that is a RAW full sized image of a working system (virtual image in RAM, system installed on HDD or running from CD) and it is as big as this system.
2. After creating an image choose to save it as a separate image with any extention or replace with it the original one (of course only images on writable booting devices like HDD or USB sticks can be replaced).

Configuration file parameters:
[Drive] - source and temporary drives letters
[RegSave]; - writes regestry hive into a file
[FileDel]; - delete a file
[RegCopy]; - copies only defined regestry key into a file. If the file doesn't exist it is created.
%WinDir%\System32\\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Hardware Profiles=HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Hardware Profiles
in one line
[Arc]; - used third party archiver

Allowed pathes:
Full pathes are also allowed but the drive letter is ignored and used by default.

Note: it's recomended to save only Default and Sofware hives and only some keys in System and User.dat because if you save ALL regestry it will save your hardware configuration too and may cause BSOD during next run. But - good news! - the default Ic.ini file is about 70% enough for successful installation and configuration of your licenced software directly in running system. This configuration file is recommended for the starter:

How you can use BootSDI.IMA file
(make sure you have a backup of this computer sensetive information just in case - you are worned! don't complain if you loose any data during tests)

Running from HDD (best way to test your WinBuilder builds on a real computer).
1. Get Grub4DOS here and extract only one file from Zip archive - grldr (this file has no extention!).
2. Open Notepad and past and copy next lines in it:
color white/red black/red
default 0
timeout 10

title BootSDI from HDD
find --set-root /grldr
chainloader /i386/setupldr.bin

title Load Windows
root (hd0,0)
chainloader +1

title Reboot computer
savedefault --wait=2
Save this file as menu.lst (note the extention!).
3. Open Notepad and past and copy next lines in it:
BootDevice = "ramdisk(0)"
BootPath = "\I386\SYSTEM32\"
OsLoadOptions = "/noguiboot /fastdetect /minint /rdexportashd /rdpath=\i386\BootSDI.IMA"
Save this file as WINNT.SIF.
4. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel. On the window menu choose Tools > Folder Options... Go to tab View and uncheck Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommended) - don't worry, no harm is expected you can check it back later.
5. Go to you system drive (most ofter is drive C:) and you will see the file BOOT.INI. Open the file with Notebook and add a line at the bottom of all other lines:
(You may also change timeout from 30 to 5 - it means how long in seconds you will see the choice for booting.)
6. Place files grldr, menu.lst, WINNT.SIF on drive C:
7. Create a folder i386 on drive C: and place there setupldr.bin (Win2003 file), and BootSDI.IMA (not ISO but IMA file!).
Now each time you boot you will see the choice:
Windows XP
If you choose Windows XP it's obviously loads your Windows.
If you choose Grub4DOS you will be forwarded to the next menu choice and you can choose to boot Windows, reboot or load your BootSDI.IMA file on your real computer! If the build you created is bootable in qEmu during building the image will defenitely boot (IMG:

Running from a USB stick or a flash card (your movable Windows in a pocket (IMG:
(USB stick of flash card should be bootable on your computer - miracles are not possible yet (IMG:
1. Copy file WINNT.SIF created in previous step 3 to your prepared USB stick.
2. Copy the folder i386 with all files inside created in previous step 7 to the USB stick.
3. Rename setupldr.bin (Win2003 file) to ntldr (file has no extention!) and place this file (ntldr) to USB stick.
Thats all! If your USB stick or flesh card is capable to boot at all, your motherboard supports booting from USB (make needed settings in BIOS setup) and your image is bootable it should work! (IMG:

Download: please download the latest "stable" versions from nativeEx_barebone update server. This topic will contain only beta versions.
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