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22 Jan 2008
This is my experimental build of Windows Live DVD:

The OS is Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 SP2, and everything worked very well as on hard drive.

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15 Nov 2007
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VistaPE Experiment
Today I just try to mess with VistaPE and do some experiment with it.
My goal is about to turn VistaPE to have standard desktop functionality, but unfortunately this experiment doesn't come out with the result I want.
Maybe it still need more work to accomplish it.

Tools used:
1.WinBuilder + VistaPE Project (for creating VistaPE)
2.7-zip (for extract all contents from install.wim)
3.Regedit (for registry hive editing)
4.Cdimage (for creating bootable ISO)
5.Windows Vista DVD

1.Make VistaPE with Winbuilder.
2.Extract install.wim from Vista DVD with 7-zip.
3.Copy everything extracted to VistaPE Target folder (except \Windows\system32\config)
4.Replace SOFTWARE hive with the one from install.wim
5.Load SYSTEM hive (from install.wim) with regedit then export "services" registry entries.
6.Unload SYSTEM hive (from install.wim).
7.Load SYSTEM hive (from VistaPE) then import the previously exported registry then unload it.
8.Build bootable ISO from modified VistaPE source.
9.Test ISO with VM software (I used VirtualBox).

Here is some screenshots about this experiment:
Most VistaPE users familiar this screen, this is the VistaPE Loader by NightMan.

Starting Explorer Shell.

VistaPE desktop.

This is the beginning of the experiment.
I just launched cmd then start msoobe.exe from there.

Windows Vista users should know what is this.
This happened after msoobe.exe launched.

Loading screen.

Users logon screen.

Logging on to the Administrator account.

Failed to login, an error occurred.
29 Aug 2006
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My own FTP site
Hi all,

This is my ftp site, bandwidth is unlimited.
feel free to visit.

Users can upload their files to:

My Live CD Projects can be found there:
31 Jul 2006
Glossary, Acronyms, Abbreviations:

• BOOTPREP - a utility that enables FAT16-formatted media to boot Windows XPe

• CD – Component Designer

• CF – Compact Flash

• COA – Certificate of Authenticity

• Component – Metadata that represents feature resources and dependencies (like files, registry keys, etc…)

• Componentize – Act of generating the metadata (using Component Designer) that represents all resources required for an application or driver to operate in the most minimal version of XP possible.

• DBMGR – Database Manager

• DUA – Device Update Agent

• El-Torito – Bootable CD format, the INT 13 interface for most BIOS’ support this implementation, some do not. Here is the El-Torito specification (pdf format) that XPe’s El-Torito driver is based on.

• ETPREP – Utility used to configure EWF runtimes to deploy to CDs.

• EWF – Enhanced Write Filter

• FBA – First Boot Agent

• FBReseal – Very similar to the Windows tool “sysprep”, used to clone XPe images.

• HD2ISO – Utility that converts the runtime image into ISO-9660 image, this image is burned onto CDs as the final step in the El-Torito creation process.

• HORM – Hibernate Once, Resume Many.

• PID – Product ID

• PMQ – The file extension for a file that identifies the hardware in a target device. Import this file into your configuration in Target Designer or use it to create a custom hardware component in Component Designer.

• POS – Point of Sale (Cash Registers)

• POS for .NET - A class library that is part of Microsoft Windows Embedded for Point of Service. The class library provides .NET applications with a simple and consistent interface for communicating with Point of Service (POS) peripheral devices, such as bar code scanners, magnetic card readers, receipt printers, and so on.

• RawDep – Raw Dependency. A component resource used internally to MS to help in the ‘cooking’ process when building the platform each day.

• RB – Remote Boot

• RBS – Remote Boot Server

• Runtime – The complete XPe configuration that is deployed to the device (Boot files, Windows, Program Files, Docs & Settings).

• SLD – The file extension for the XML file that houses metadata defining components, packages, repositories, etc… A component definition is commonly referred to as an SLD, or a “Slide”.

• SLX – The file extension for an Embedded runtime configuration. You open this file in Target Designer. A runtime configuration is commonly referred to as an SLX.

• STB – Set Top Box

• TA – Target Analyzer. Runs in ‘real mode’ only, queries the target device BIOS for PnP ID info of the HW. Creates an XML file with PMQ extension.

• TAP - Target Analyzer Probe. Runs from the desktop of full Windows, dumps the ENUM key from the registry to collect the Ven/Dev ID information of all HW on the target device. Creates an XML file with PMQ extension.

• TD – Target Designer

• VIGUID – Version Independent Globally Unique Identifier

• VSGUID - Version Specific Globally Unique Identifier

• WEPOS – Windows Embedded for Point of Service is a version of Windows XP Embedded with Service Pack 2 optimized for retail point of service (POS) devices. The Windows Embedded for Point of Service platform is easy to use, includes technologies that enable present and future retail scenarios, and provides low lifecycle costs.
23 Jul 2006
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Delphi 7 Second Edition v7.2
Delphi.7.SE.v7.2.exe (43079 KB)
Download-Link: Link removed by jaclaz

Though not (yet) clearly and fully stated, the scope of this board is the development of Freeware / Open Source apps, ANY link to commercial programs in a downloadable form is to be considered WAREZ and is NOT ALLOWED.
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