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23 Oct 2007
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Testing VistaPE.
For LiveXP and nativeEx projects I have used qEmu for testing.
As VistaPE is not compatible with qEmu I have installed:

1. VirtualBox 1.5.2,
2. VMware Player 2.0.2 and
3. Virtual PC 2007 6.0.156.

I have as the host OS Vista Ultimate and have experienced problems,
by testing VistaPE, with all three virtualization programs:

1. Despite all the help from powaking, I have not been able to activate shared folder
nor start networking on VirtualBox, mainly due to inability to install "GuestAdditions".

2. In VMware I am not able to start recognition of USB devices
as a connection between guest and host system.

3. Virtual PC has simplest networking, but activation of the shared folder,
with installation of "Virtual Machine Additions", is beyond my ability.

So, to make full test of VistaPE, I am forced to use VirtualBox
for guest/host connection thru USB flesh disk and one of the other two
for networking.

Since this is not comfortable setup, I kindly ask for a help:

Does somebody have similar configuration as me and is willing to explain
what should be done to make one simple solution covering networking and
guest/host connection thru USB flash and/or shared folder?

Many thanks in advance!
20 Oct 2007
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Script selection in LiveXP & nativeEx
Core scripts in LiveXP and nativeEx like:

1 - ProjectInfo.Script,
2 - MakeDirs.Script,
3 - hivesFactory.Script,
4 - BuildModel.Script and
5 - CopyAndExpand.Script,

are essential for making valid build
and should be made unselectable like api.script,
to protect them from unwanted deselecting.
14 Aug 2007
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Projects synchronization.
To save the space, I tried to put together all projects under one
WinBuilder folder, but discovered that it leads to endless overwriting
of several files in Tools folder. (IMG:

Even LiveXP and nativeEx could not live anymore under same roof
without overwriting 7za.exe. (IMG:

On top of everything mobileOS requires Tools folder outside Projects
folder. (IMG:

I think some synchronization of projects should be done or officially
declare separation. I vote for the first solution! (IMG:
8 Aug 2007
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Today is a big day for me!
Its my first anniversary on this Forum.

When I joined it, after years of BartPE rescue experience,
my aim was to make full rescue package size of 50 MB.

The reason for that figure is very simple: from some PC magazine
I received as a gift 51MB writable micro CD.

I proudly announce that it took me only a year to achieve it:
I managed to make 49MB build with 15 rescue applications
programs, network and internet support.

I have learned a lot and would like to thank to Nuno, Peter, Ove, Holger,
Pedro Le, Garfield and all other Forum members for your patience and

I know that I could be sometimes a little bit difficult, but you have
survived it for the full year and I am sure you will manage it in the future to.

Kind regards, phox. (IMG:
22 Jul 2007
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Former versions of WinBuilders.
I have not been clever enough and did not save former versions
of WinBuilders and especially Projects Scripts packs.

When I needed WinBuilder69 package I didnt find it on the Forum!


1. Is there any place to download any of former WBs and
Projects Scripts packs?

2. Have somebody original WB69 and Scripts package?
If yes please PM It to me or upload it here!


1. Upload to Download area former version of WBs and
Projects Scripts packs (if possible).

2. In the future, upload and fix with every stable WB version
the stable version of Projects Scripts packs!!!

WBs update mechanism is excellent but only during beta stages.

Thank you.
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