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11 Dec 2007
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Not just hello, but Hi!

Anyway, just sayin'

11 Dec 2007
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ImDisk wants a Wiki
I hoped there was a Wiki somewhere for ImDisk... (actually , I thought there was one, but when I clicked on the link, it asked for authentication... ) I don't remember the link now (IMG:../forums/style_emoticons/default/sad.gif)

Is there a Wiki somewhere? If not, can we create one--I'd gladly fill in some details (IMG:../forums/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif)

11 Dec 2007
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Devio... little Help?
I played around last night with the DevIO stuff... I kept getting bluescreens.

I tried a few different variations:

REM Create an Image
MkSparse myImage.img 4096M
ImDisk -a -f myImage.img -m Z:
format z: /q /fs:ntfs
ImDisk -d -m Z:

After that I used devio to host it:
REM go-go-gadget devio!
devio.exe 8192 myImage.img

And on my vpc (tried this locally too!)
REM mount across the wire
ImDisk -a -t proxy -o ip -f -m x:

REM ImDisk claims to mount it ok
REM 4 or 5 seconds later ... BLUESCREEN!

Any ideas? ...

I also tried specifying the size on the DevIO line
REM go-go-gadget devio!
devio.exe 8192 myImage.img 4096M

to no avail.

...ooh, and one last thing... is there source for the win32 version somewhere?

10 Dec 2007
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Couple of quick questions about boot order

I've got a couple of questions, and although this may sound a bit odd, bear with me.

I'm *terribly* interested in network booting--primarily to use it at home, as the kids each have a computer, as does the wife, and I.

I hate the fact I've got serveral PCs all with a fairly large hard drive in them, and each one only uses a small smattering of the space, and the rest goes unused. Rathere than attempting to use that all over the house, I had thought about consolidating the space at the server, and booting remotely. Having done that with Linux many years ago, I'm quite crushed that the only solutions are either WAY TOO EXPENSIVE, or ... well, I didn't find any that weren't too expensive for my tastes (meaning free).

I came here one day and some folks had talked about remote booting, but it's clear there is no solution that ImDisk provides.

I let that stew in my brain, until I had the clever idea of using an Compact Flash to IDE converter, and slap in a 2-4 GB compact flash card into it, and boot *PART* of the OS localally, and connect a drive image across the network, and have a bunch of junctions to as much of the OS that I can put into the remote image.

This would let the PC boot, be almost silent (no hard drives), and have very low power requirements.

The pcs all have 2gb+ ram, so eliminating the swap isn't a problem either.

Looking at the layout of c:\Windows , I'm pretty sure that I can shrink down the stuff that *has* to be local to a pretty small footprint -- at least 2gb or less.

It's going to to be tricky to do the initial install (some Imaging and whatnot... heh-heh) but I'm going to prove it out using Virutal PC first.

So, the real question is:

How early can I get an image mounted in the boot process, as the earlier I can do it, the less that I will *have* to have on the compact flash (and thus, the smaller it can be)--Consider too, that I'd need the network to be available.

And then the second question is:

What's the most efficient way to expose the hard drive images at the server? File shares? that DevIO thingie? (ah there's the Win32 version of the server)

I'm have huge amounts of memory in the server (4gb right now), and could do some serious caching if the server side allowed (provided?) for it.

I've been playing with my gigabit network at home, and I'm confident that I'm being bound disk speeds, not by network speeds. (well, after tweaking the crap out of Vista)

another thing I was curious about:

Anyone know if it's possible or how to do a pivot_root on Windows?


How in the world does ImageX (from the Windows IAK) mount a WIM file overtop of an in-use directory, but ImDisk can't?

Knowing that might solve my pivot_root idea/problem.

I'm really quite anxious to try this live before the end of the month, so any help or information means alot to me (IMG:../forums/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif)


16 Nov 2007
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ImDisk x64
I can't seem to find the x64 version of ImDisk... the link on the page is not working ( ... oh, wait it's here (


maybe someone else will need to know that too.

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