WinPE 2.*/3.0

Please note that this section has been tested using WinPE 3.0 (x86) - built using the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) Windows 7 version. Although some of the commands used to create the WinPE image(s) will not work with older versions of the WAIK, WinPE 2.0 (Windows Vista) and WinPE 2.1 (Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008) images can still be booted via PXE - you will however need to adapt these instructions (in older versions of the WAIK imagex.exe is used to mount .wim images).

Download and install the WAIK (and .NET Framework 2.0 and MSXML 6 SP1 - included in the WAIK download).

The remaining steps in this section can be automated by running 4a_WinPE.cmd (to create x86 and/or amd64 source files and copy required files to tftp root directories), followed by 4b_WinPE.cmd (create BCD store with menu entries).



Create BCD Store

Assuming that XP (32-bit) is used to execute following commands you will need to use the 32-bit version of bcdedit.exe. If you followed the instructions above and created x86 and amd64 based images then use C:\PXE\tools\bcdeditx86.exe.

To automate creating a BCD store with entries for x86.wim and/or amd64.wim run 4b_WinPE.cmd (see here).

To manually create a BCD store, start a command prompt and enter the following command(s), replacing bcdedit.exe with C:\PXE\tools\bcdeditx86.exe or C:\PXE\tools\bcdeditamd64.exe (Note - the text in the following entries may have become wrapped, all bullet pointed commands should be entered on one line).

To add an entry for x86.wim -

To add an entry for amd64.wim -

Now execute the following command to display menu entries for x86.wim and/or amd64.wim -

Note - due to an error the menu entries created above will not display properly when bootmgr.exe (the WinPE boot loader) loads the BCD store. The entry for x86.wim should display WinPE (x86) and amd64.wim should display WinPE (amd64), however both entries read as Ramdisk options (see screenshot below) -

Configuration File Entry

If using pxelinux add following text to C:\PXE\tftpboot\pxelinux.cfg\default 

LABEL winpe
KERNEL /boot/pxeboot.0

If using grub4dos add following text to C:\PXE\tftpboot\menu.lst\default 

title WinPE 3.0
pxe keep
chainloader --raw /boot/pxeboot.0

To boot WinPE ensure that C:\PXE\tftpd32\tftpd32.exe has been started, then boot the client PC using PXE boot option.