Configure tftpd32

Note from Gianluigi Tiesi's "OpenSource Implementation of MS RIS Server" guide

"...Please note that if you have enabled ICS (Internet Connection Sharing), tftpd32 will not work because ICS does dhcp server too"

Extract all files from the tftpd32 download to C:\PXE\tftpd32.

Now start C:\PXE\tftpd32\tftpd32.exe and click on the Settings button (bottom middle of Tftpd32 window) -

  1. Use the options selected in the screenshot below -
  2. Click on the OK button and shut down and restart C:\PXE\tftpd32\tftpd32.exe when prompted for the changes to take effect.
  3. Click on the DHCP server tab and enter the settings as displayed in the screenshot below (changing the IP pool starting address, Size of pool, Boot File and Mask to reflect your own setup - for a full explanation of Tftpd32 settings, refer to C:\PXE\tftpd32\tftpd32.chm).

To ensure your setup is configured correctly, I recommend testing it by booting a floppy disk image - see next section Booting Disk Images