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The following information has been quoted from Gianluigi Tiesi's "OpenSource Implementation of MS RIS Server" guide -

"...Please note that XP SP2 (and maybe other future windows versions/service packs) needs a special registry patch to re-enable “null session” shares, that is required to make RIS work. To achieve this you need to merge this registry file (copy and paste in a notepad, then save it with .reg extension). A reboot is required in order to make these changes have effect..."

Share C:\PXE\tftpboot\  directory (created earlier) as tftpboot -

Note - I have only been able to complete a RIS install of Windows 2000/XP/2003 by enabling Simple file sharing on the server. When attempting to network install Windows XP with classic file sharing enabled, setup halted on the Windows XP splash screen...

...although the progress bar continued to cycle the tftpd32 log identified that mrxsmb.sy_ failed to transfer.