Windows 2000/XP/2003 PXE Files

When installing Windows 2000/XP/2003 via RIS (or RAM loading a Windows XP/2003 based WinPE) the files startrom.n12, setupldr.exe, and winnt.sif are required. The files used should be specific to the operating system being installed - e.g. setupldr.exe from Windows 2000 source should be used to install Windows 2000. Unfortunately it is not possible to install Windows XP from grub4dos (or syslinux 3.81/3.82) if using XP source files - in this case Windows 2003 (SP1 and R2) files can be used (see here).

Note - due to a bug (?), when installing Windows 2000 the file C:\PXE\tftpboot\ will need to be renamed as and C:\PXE\tftpboot\winnt.sif will need to be renamed as pxelinux.0winnt.sif (see (RIS) Install Windows 2000 section)

It is not possible to add options to install more than one operating system (e.g. Windows 2003 and XP) via RIS without renaming, setupldr.exe, startrom.n12 and winnt.sif. The files must be renamed as they need to be located in the C:\PXE\tftpboot\ directory and setupldr.exe from Windows XP source cannot for example coexist in the same directory as setupldr.exe from Windows 2003 source. Unfortunately if the files are renamed the embedded settings within startrom.n12 and setupldr.exe will need editing in order to load the renamed files. Assuming that, setupldr.exe, startrom.n12 and winnt.sif have already been copied to C:\PXE\tftpboot\ -

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