Grub4dos Guide - PXE Booting

The Grub4dos file grldr can be used as a Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) boot file. Alternatively, GRUB.EXE can be loaded from another PXE boot loader - e.g. from pxelinux.0.

This section has been added at the request of boot-land forum member Climbing and is based upon instructions he posted here

The following information has been taken from the ../../../grub4dos/files/diddy_subdomain/README_GRUB4DOS.txt file included with the Grub4dos build 2009-02-05 download -

The following walkthrough will create a PXE Server using Windows XP and tftpd32 (opensource TFTP server) on the host PC. Apologies to Linux users for the (continuing) bias towards Windows.

Some example configuration file entries include -