Grub4dos Guide - Install Grub4dos to Floppy Disk

Use the command line tool to install grub4dos to a floppy disk or disk image. NOTE - will not function fully from Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista as direct access to devices is restricted, although installing to a disk image file will work. It will run under DOS/Windows 9x/Linux. Use the following command to install to first Floppy disk - --floppy --chs 0x00

To install Grub4dos to a floppy disc image use the command --floppy --chs [file] - where [file] is the disk image without path. does not recognise Windows type paths - the floppy image file should be placed in the same directory/folder as and a command prompt should be used from that directory, E.g. - --floppy --chs grldr.ima